13 Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs

Considered as official science before the scientific evolution, astrology and the zodiac signs are known to have originated a long time back. Here are some truly interesting facts about the western zodiac signs.

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13 Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs

Eons ago, the astrologers held the belief that the sun and stars’ positions at the time of a person’s birth can help in determining unique aspects of a person’s life and special personality traits and talents. You believe in them or you don’t, they sure are a fun thing to read about.

Interestingly enough, astrology was regarded as the official science before scientific evolution. Zodiac is one of the central ideas of astrology. Chinese, Indian, western and other zodiacs occur in the world of astrology. The much popular western zodiac has 12 signs which correspond to the sun’s various positions throughout the year offer plenty of insights about a person based on his or her date of birth.

Here we’ll look at some interesting facts about these zodiac signs.

1. Western Zodiac Finds its Origin in Ancient Babylon

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Even though the history and development of astrology happen to be complex, the important thing you should know about it is that the zodiac of western astrology comes down to us from ancient Babylon through the Romans and the Greeks.

2. The First Cardinal Sign ‘Aries’ Represents Beginning of Spring or the Year Itself

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Mars is the ruling planet of the first sign called Aries. With its symbol as ram, it signifies bravery, leadership, and unruly independence. Although its duration is 21 March to 19 April, it represents growing season or beginning of year or spring season.

People who are born between these dates are known as Ariens. And, they are typically seen as fiercely independent and restless with inactivity. Sometimes, they are even compared to a candid and zealous child.

3. The Second Sign ‘Taurus’ is the Bull From the Ancient Greek Mythology into Which Zeus Had Transformed Himself

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Taurus is the second cardinal sign and its duration is 20 April-21 May. According to a legend in Greek mythology, the male greek god Zeus transformed into a bull to attract Europa. After she got attracted to him, he took her to Crete and unveiled that he was Zeus. They had three sons and one of them went on to become the famous king of Crete. 

Zeus paid his tribute to the bull by placing it in the night sky. Later on, the bull seen in the constellation came to be known as Taurus (Latin word for bull). People who have this sign are called Taurans. They are believed to be tenacious and determined.

4. The Third Sign ‘Gemini’ is Based on Greek Legend of ‘Dioscuri’

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Gemini is the third cardinal sign and its duration is from 21 May to 20 June. Its symbol is based on a Greek legend called Dioscuri (the twins, Castor and Pollux). These two mortals were endowed with shared godhood post-death.

People who are born with this sign are known as Geminis. They usually have multifaceted personalities (because of the twins). They possess an erratic temperament but are also responsible and disciplined.

5. People of the Fourth Sign ‘Cancer’ are Nicknamed Moon Child

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Ruled by Moon, the people of the fourth sign ‘cancer’ experience constant changes throughout their lives because of their ever-changing emotions. This sun sign’s symbol is crab and its duration is 21 June-22 July. This crab is based on a giant crab ‘Karkinos’ of Greek legend which attacked Heracles in his fight with Hydra. People who belong to this sign are called Cancerians and they are believed to be sensitive, ambitious, and intuitive.

6. The Fifth Sign ‘Leo’ is Based on the Nemean Lion of Greek Mythology

The fifth cardinal sign ‘Leo’ has its symbol as a lion with its duration being 23 July-22 August. This symbol’s lion is based on the Nemean lion which had golden furs skin that was impenetrable to attack and couldn't be killed through mortal weapons.

People having this sign are called Leos. They are said to have high self-esteem yet are very devoted and kind. They are a little hot-headed but are also forgiving.

7. The Sixth Sign ‘Virgo’ is the Largest Constellation in the Zodiac

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The second-largest constellation in the sky and largest in the zodiac, Virgo is the sixth sign, and its duration is 23 August to 22 September.  Its symbol ‘maiden’ is based on Astrea of Greek myth who was the last immortal to leave Earth at the end of the Silver Age when all the gods fled to Olympus.

Virgos or Virgoans are the people born in this sign. They are said to be hardworking, kind, practical, and analytical. They are also shy and anxious too often.

8. The People of Seventh Sign ‘Libra’ Have Smokey Quartz as Their Gemstone

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Libra is the seventh Zodiac sign, and its duration is from 23 September to 22 October. Its symbol is based on the Scales of Justice which was held by Themis, the Greek personification of divine law.  The people born in this sign are called Libras or Librans. They are believed to be ruled by harmony and balance. They have a diplomatic nature and can gel well with anyone.

9. The Eighth Sign ‘Scorpio’ Represents a Giant Scorpion Sent By Gaia to Kill Orion

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Scorpio is the eighth sign of Scorpio and its duration is from 23 October to 21 November. Its symbol is based on Scorpius which was a giant scorpion sent by Gaia for killing Orion. The people having this sign are called Scorpios, and they are said to be governed by their desires. Resourcefulness is their strength and they tend to be intense and inquisitive.

10. The Ninth Sign ‘Sagittarius’ is Based on a Centaur Who Mentored Achilles in Archery

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Sagittarius is the ninth sign and its duration is 22 November-21 December. Its symbol is archer ‘Chiron’, a centaur who mentored Achilles in archery. The people of this sign are called Sagittarians. They are believed to have an optimistic outlook on life and lively personalities. They can also be reckless.

11. The Tenth Sign ‘Capricorn’ is Based on Sumerian God Enki

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Capricorn is the tenth sign and has a duration of 22 December-19 January. Its symbol is the fish-goat hybrid which is based on the Sumerian wisdom and water god named Enki. It has the upper body of a goat and the lower body of a fish.

People who are born between these dates are called Capricorns. The goat side reflects ambition, intelligence and steadiness. The fish side reflects passion, spirituality, and intuition.

12. The Eleventh Sign ‘Aquarius’ is Based on Cupbearer to Gods ‘Ganymede’

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Aquarius is the eleventh cardinal sign and its duration is from 20 January to 18 February. Its symbol is water bearer, based on Ganymede who was the cupbearer to the gods in Greek mythology. The people born in this sign are called Aquarians and they are believed to be opportunistic and creative.

13. The Twelfth Sign ‘Pisces’ is Based on Ichthyocentaurs

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Pisces is the twelfth and final cardinal sign and its duration is from 19 February to 20 March. Its symbol is the fish and is based on the Ichthyocentaurs who were underwater centaurs in Greek mythology. People born in this sign are called Pisceans. They are thought to be very sensitive and reserved and make for very good listeners and friends.


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