8 Ways To Tell A Girl You Love Her

If you do have the feeling for a girl and you are ready to express how you feel about her congratulations! Love is in the air…

6 years ago
8 Ways To Tell A Girl You Love Her

Worried about sharing your feelings with that someone special? Scared! What if she rejected your proposal? Don’t worry here we have shared some amazing tips to confess your feelings for the girl you love.

1. Be Her Loyal Friend

Maybe this is the case, that you are already a friend to her and just want to confess your real intentions. So here’s this should be your first move – help her out in need, spend time whenever you catch in a group or alone, have conversations both funny and intellectual. Don’t be the boy arguing about her weight and looks. Your concern should be of becoming a lover than to be just friend. After you become best of friends, do confess your feelings to her. (18.1)

2. Be True

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Remember, girls always want their boys to be loyal to them. Try to do little things for her, plan a surprise and buy a gift online etc. to just make her feel special. Whether you have proposed her or about to confess, it is very important to notice that you are serious and honest about your feelings for her. (18.2)

3. Never Commit A Mistake In Hurry

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The best way to admit a girl you love her is to find a place and time when you two are alone and relaxed. Look into her Eyes, smile and say ‘I Love You’. Give her time and some space to accept your words; don’t just push her to say it back. If you feel nervous or don’t find it cool saying directly, send her a note or text instead.

4. Practice! Practice & Practice

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Saying ‘I Love You’ for the first time may haunt you. Instead, if you are true to your feelings for her, plan what to say her when you meet. You will just say ‘I Love You’ or will add reasons and situations when you fall for her. You will propose her in romantic gestures with flower, or at her favorite place etc...Once you decide your plan, practice the same. When it will be live, you will feel confident.

5. Late Night Conversations

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Remember, a late-night conversation is always a key to the loving relationship. Talking late in a night can build a budding relationship. It’s always in the night when you are relaxed and shares something personal and intimate with someone close. If you are already doing this, try adding few conversations about a relationship, individual strengths, and weakness to make your conversation clear.

6. Keep Clear Body Language Around Her

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A right posture plays a key role in building a great relationship. Chat with her and grab an opportunity when you both can spend alone time together. Keep eye contact, be friendly and smile. Engage her in a conversation, ask how she is, and start saying how you feel about her, tell your girl that you love her. Don’t touch or try to seduce her, simply, stand or bend on your knees and ask if she is ready to accept your proposal.

7. Focus On Your Actions

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Love is actually very personal. You only know what makes her happy, how you can express to make her smile. Let your actions tell her how much you are involved in her, sing her favorite songs when she is around, bring her flowers she love, hold hands when you are going somewhere etc. You don’t have to buy expensive gifts, or book a table in 5-star hotels to impress her.

8. Communicate Openly

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Instead of manipulating, tell her directly that you love her. Give her time to accept your feelings and emotions. But be prepared she might not be ready yet or want to be friend with you for some time, examine your emotions and decide what if she will be not in your life anymore. What role did she play in your life.


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