8 Easy Ways to Help You Earn Extra Money by Turning Trash into Cash!

To save resources or help clean up the world, recycling is a great option. And, when it can give money in return, it's one amazing thing. So, let’s have a look at these eight simple ways to turn your trash into cash.

5 years ago
8 Easy Ways to Help You Earn Extra Money by Turning Trash into Cash!

Best out of waste! This slang is nothing new to us. From our very childhood, we hear this jargon for unleashing creativity. But have you ever thought of making money out of waste? Oh yes, making CASH out of TRASH!

Surprising but true! There are several ways one can use to make a huge amount of money only from the waste products.

Hence, if you are also dreaming about making a bunch of money, have a look in the store area of your place where unwanted things are stored usually. These things which are collecting dust can surely be sold for a pretty decent amount of money. Maybe your storehouse can make you a millionaire, and you might not know it yet!

So, if you’re looking to turn your trash into cash, here are 8 simple ways to get started:

1. Collecting Wine Corks Can Get You Money!

Source = D-infinity

Seriously? Yes, wine corks can give you money in return. So your love for wine is not waste any more. Just sell old wine corks for money. You can get approximately 0.10 cents per cork on eBay. Though you'll need to pay eBay seller fees plus shipping costs, still, you could earn enough money for a new bottle of wine if you have a lot of wine corks lying around.

2. Money from Tennis Balls!

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Rubber product of Tennis balls is not biodegradable,  and there are around 300 million tennis balls manufactured every year. In this way, it makes over 20,000 metric tons of rubber waste a year. Therefore to control this much rubber waste, a small company Rebounces has come up with a solution. This company has created a machine that "re-bounces" tennis balls. Also, they give you money for donated balls. However, there are some specific conditions for the tennis balls they will take like tennis balls cannot be wet. Moreover, there must be at least 100 to 250 balls in one time.

Well, this isn't an easy option for anyone, but if one’s kids are on a tennis team or someone belongs to a tennis club, then this is one fundraising option. Though the rates are not listed on the website portal, you can contact the company for further information. No wonder, raising some funds by keeping that much rubber out of the landfill is amazing!

3. Selling Aluminum Cans!

Source = Greenguyrecycling

This is one very common way to earn money! No doubt, whenever you think about making money from your trash, aluminum cans are probably the first thing that comes to mind. Well, according to the Aluminum Association,

“Americans earn nearly $1 billion a year from recycling aluminum cans.”

Thirty-four cans equal a pound that means the national average is $0.50 per pound. Well, it is an easy way to add some cash to your wallet while cleaning up your community even if you’re not going to get rich from recycling your aluminum cans.

4. Earn Money with Used Cooking Oil!

Source = Wp

It is another very surprising idea of recycling one thing. Yes, many recycling centers, biodiesel firms, and individuals will pay for used cooking oil. You only have to search on Craigslist in your area. And, cold weather is usually the prime time because several people use this to heat their homes and therefore you can easily getting cash for your oil. Even in many cities in the UK, cooking oil is traded in exchange for bus passes, movie tickets, and cash. However, this is new in US cities, and you will have to find places locally via the newspaper or the internet.

Even the price range is quite good like around 33 cents to 66 cents per gallon. Maybe it is not a huge amount but no doubt it is a great way to get rid of such oil. And, the best part is one won't even get taxed for selling it like you used to. So, it is the right time to think of making money by all the oil used by your family for deep frying of holiday turkeys.

5. Sell the Cardboard Boxes!

Source = Rajapack

There is an online marketplace “Boxcycle” where one can sell their new and used cardboard boxes for money.

One can start with creating a free listing on Boxcycle. And, when there is a buyer in your area who is searching for boxes, you’ll be informed about the need of boxes and pick up time. So, as soon as the buyer got the boxes and also verifies the sale, you will get the money from Boxcycle. You can request the payments anytime which are generally made via PayPal.

6. Make Money Out of Perfumes and Cosmetics!

Source = Mardenedwards

Many people out there have this huge love for antique cosmetics and perfumes. Therefore if you have any perfume from the 70s and you don't use it, feel fortunate because it costs ten times more than its new counterparts. For instance, the fan of European classics will often buy a vintage Chanel. If you also have some empty perfume bottles, that’s amazing because sometimes vintage bottles cost more than the classics of modern perfumers.

7. Sell Out the Plastic Bottles!

Source = Greenerstate

According to one report from “Ban the Bottle,” an average American uses around 167 disposable water bottles but recycles only 38.3 of them. After noticing this huge usage of plastic bottles, many states and countries are encouraging individuals to pick up plastic bottles and recycle them for cash.

For example, Tesco in the UK has installed reverse vending machines where individuals can turn in plastic bottles for cash. No wonder this trend of paying for recycled plastic must continue as plastic bottles are a worldwide problem. One can easily find out if there is any plastic bottle recycling center near them. For that, check out Earth 911.

8. Earn From Toilet Paper Rolls!

Source = Sabinews

This one is even more surprising than cooking oil, yes, making money from Toilet Paper Rolls would have never come to my thought as it is so conventional in use. Well, according to one article on Country Living, there are many craft projects for which crafters and teachers need toilet paper rolls. And, these got sold at the rate of $15 for 100 rolls on eBay. However, one has to cover shipping costs, packaging costs, and eBay fees for selling these. Apart from that, it’s a win-win proposition!

Take Home Thoughts

Almost everything we use can be recycled, and recycling surely saves resources and helps clean up our world.

Not only the above mentioned but there are lots of ways to make cash from your trash! Nowadays, many organizations and stores have recycling programs that pay you rewards for recycling their unwanted trash and goods.

Like, a company named TerraCycle allows individuals to recycle their un-recyclable stuff such as toothbrushes, drink pouches, snack bags, etc. and returns points for charities, schools, and many other prizes.

Well, many more companies similar to Terracycle are doing such things for saving the environment. They made this slogan true,

“One man's trash is another man's treasure!”

Must say, everyone, must recycle at least one thing every day as part of their daily routine whether for cash or the sake of the environment.


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