6 Superman Weaknesses Other Than Kryptonite

Apart from this hero vs that hero, there are several other arguments that floods the comic boards online. This is where people d...

7 years ago
6 Superman Weaknesses Other Than Kryptonite

Apart from this hero vs that hero, there are several other arguments that floods the comic boards online. This is where people discuss various situations where some hero would face someone in a duel, but to win an unfair fight you must know your enemy, as Sun Tzu said in “The Art Of War” 

“Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories.”

So, in an unfortunate event, if your favorite hero faces the allegedly invulnerable alien Superman, we hope that your hero educates himself of these lesser-known 6 vulnerabilities of the almighty Superman.

1) Mind Control

Source = Quoracdn

Either through telepathy, hypnotic programming, or good old fashioned brain washing, this has been used successfully in the past.

B'dg froze his synapses. He could've killed Superman if he wanted to.

2) Red Sun

Source = Moviepilot

Red Sun is the sun of Krypton and is significantly older than Earth’s sun, yet far more powerful.

Depending on who is writing the story, red solar radiation either drains Superman's powers or just makes it impossible to recharge.

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3) Ionic Radiation

Source = Wordpress

Radioactive radiations are poisonous for Superman man, it degrades him to a mere human with significantly less combat knowledge than his foes. 

On earth these Ionic Radiations are easy to come by in the form of  X-Rays, Nukes and Radon which are very potent in weakening the mighty Superman.

4) Foes Of Kryptonian Origin

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Like Kal-El(Superman) under a yellow sun, General Zod possesses high-level superhuman strength, speed and endurance sufficient to stand against Superman and other Kryptonians; super hearing; x-ray vision; telescopic, microscopic and heat vision; super-breath and freeze-breath; virtual invulnerability; accelerated healing and flight. 

Due to his background as a Kryptonian general, Zod possesses a detailed knowledge of military tactics, battle strategy, and is a relatively competent military leader. Because he was trained in fighting arts long before receiving his abilities, he typically has an edge over Superman's brawling skills, over-reliance on superhuman strength, and basic knowledge of advanced human and Kryptonian hand-to-hand combat.

5) His Solar Flare Radiation Renders Him Powerless

Source = Blogspot

Superman gets the majority of his powers from Earth's yellow star, effectively making him a giant solar battery; when he uses Super Flare he expels that stored up energy in the form of a giant blast of energy.

This power utilizes all the solar energy stored within Superman's cells, allowing him to resort to an all-out attack. However, Superman cannot use it more than occasionally, as it drains him of all the solar energy he has stored up until he can recharge his cells with solar energy which takes him about 24 hours. During this time frame, he is essentially human in his abilities.

6) Magic

Source = Superherodb

Zatanna, Zatara, and Doctor Fate: All are powerful users of magic, a primary weakness of Superman. They would have to be very crafty and likely would work best if all three of them were coordinated in their efforts. There are other lesser masters of magic, but their efforts would probably be insufficient to the task. 


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