15 Money-Saving Online Shopping Hacks You Probably Never Knew

Many people shop online but, sometimes they can't get the best deals. So here we are with 15 online shopping hacks that can help all to save huge money.

5 years ago
15 Money-Saving Online Shopping Hacks You Probably Never Knew

Online shopping is another trend running all over. Progressively many people are staying away from stores and doing a lot of their online shopping. No wonder, it is a guilty pleasure for almost everyone. Even if some risks are involved, it is an easy way to be able to shop in comfort.

And, many times people end up buying stuff that they either do not need or wasn’t at the right price. Also, it can be exhausting to find what you want among plenty of options to browse through or without burning a hole in your pocket! However, are you aware that there are many cool tips one can use before buying anything online? 

If no, then scroll down. It’s time to learn some cool tips and master your online shopping regime. We are very sure that these tips will save you time, money and also help you to finally get the product you want in the size you need.

1. Use Honey Extension

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There is an amazing extension available on Chrome named Honey. It is not so popular but one useful extension throughout online shopping. It not only reveals information about discount codes for any particular website but also notifies us that how recently people had success with those codes. So, try it, maybe you also get to save some cash for your next shopping item.

2. Get Every Order on Free Shipping

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Only products which value more than $35 are available on Free Shipping. But what if we tell you one simple trick by which you can receive order items below $35 with free shipping? Yes, you read it right. Follow these trick to get this facility. Pick the item that you want to order and save it in your shopping cart. Now you can see some delivery charge is there.

Further, choose another item in your cart to make the total bill of more than $35 and then place the order. Now you can see the delivery charge gets free. So, as soon as you've got the order confirmation, cancel the item that is not required. Well, you're done! Enjoy your free shipping!

3. To Get a Less Biased Price, Clear Your Browsing History And Cookies

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Shocking but true. Online merchants show different prices to different customers depending on their location, interests and browsing pattern. Therefore, clear your browsing history/cookies, log out of all your social networking websites and also go incognito for better results.

4. Save More by Using Cashback Websites, Digital Wallets & Price Comparison Websites

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There are many such websites available which you can use to get extra benefits such as Paytm, MobiKwik, and many more. All such websites are there at your end so why not use them and ain some profit.

5. Subscribe or Register on Websites for First-time Discounts

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Usually, every site provides amazing offers or discount codes for their first-time purchases or new customers. So, whenever you are using any site for the first time, look for their special offers for new buyers. But if you are saying how; don't worry, all you need to do is subscribe to their newsletter or register, and they will keep you informed for sure. 

Well, you can try one more thing to get the most out of it; accumulate more coupons with multiple email ids and use them for later purchases.

And the best part is you can also unsubscribe or filter out their emails later.

6. Ask for Discounts on Live Chat Options

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Another great option you can use is Live Chat. Yes, this option is rarely our priority while we go through any website. Still, you can use it to use your haggling skills, and these chatbots might have something for you. There is no problem to start a conversation unapologetically and ask for some exciting offers on your favorite stuff. You can also ask for mix and match options that were not present on the site. 

For example:

Source = Telegraph

Source = Telegraph

So, it can be seen in the chat that the customer saved almost £65 with the final offered price £942.

7. Buy Between Tuesday and Thursday

Source = Eatdrinkdeals

To decide when and where to shop could play an important role in garnering high profits. It is one best way to catch up on really good deals. And, many studies show that from Tuesday to Thursday is the best time to shop, whereas to shop on Sundays is a complete no-no.

Also, if you want to buy something big then prefer months between November to January as these months offer massive discounts followed by post-Christmas sales in January. Even newer or smaller brands put better offers on their products than bigger brands, so, it’s perfectly fine to trust their debut in the market.

8. Fill Up Your Cart and Let Those Items Be There for Some Days

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It is one simplest trick you can use. You don't have to anything much. Choose the Items you want to purchase and put them into the shopping cart. Now leave them there for some days. Doing this will make e-commerce websites reach out to you with special offers and discounts on those particular items to finish the purchase. But make sure you provide your email details on their website so they can email their offers to you.

9. Credit Cards are Safer Than Debit Cards

Source = Brightside

I know it is hard to believe but true, preferring credit cards are safer than debit cards for online shopping. Every merchant usually refunds through the payment method one used. So, keep in mind that credit cards are refunded faster than debit cards in case of a delay in delivery or if the product is different than what you ordered.

Also, keep in mind that the website you are transacting is a secured one and also keep a screenshot of your order invoice if your bank asks for evidence.

10. Compare Prices on Different Shopping Sites

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This trick could demand little time but never forget that the ultimate key to shopping is patience. So, make a shopping list of all the items you want to buy and look them up on aggregate shopping sites such as ShopStyle and many more. 

This is the right way to find stuff in a particular size and color with different prices or with an extra discount for a particular item. And don’t forget to check for similar stuff on Amazon.

Another thing you can do is to shop at one-stop shopping sites like Asos and Nordstrom that sell stuff from multiple brands. So, this will help you to bifurcate.

11. Check Reviews and Comments Before Order

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There is no doubt that online shopping is a little risky, especially when you’re buying any electronics product or trusting any brand new website. So, don't panic. There is a quick way to learn about the product and its actual size. Browse quickly through community reviews and comment section below the product description. Several websites like Amazon.com and Shein.com also allow customers to post actual pictures of the product to give you an idea of what to expect.

12. Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Source = Matrixluxurytransportation

I know you have already heard of Gift Cards but what is a discounted one? So there is a website called Zeek that sells gift cards at discounted rates.

Are you thinking, how it works? People who have received an unwanted gift card sell them online at a reduced rate and Zeek takes a commission on that. Simple!

Hence, if you want to buy something, head to Zeek and see if there are any vouchers available for the store. The best thing about them is you can use them online, and it will save you anything from a couple of quid up to tens of pounds.

13. Follow Bloggers and Influencers for Discounts & Codes

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Bloggers and influencers play a tremendous part in bringing customers to brands. Not only do they come up with discount coupons and codes but they also come up with honest reviews about products that you wouldn’t usually find on websites. Also, they organize some contests on a regular basis for amazing giveaways and vouchers. 

14. Promote Brands and Get Discounts 

Many times brands offer you free shipping or 10 percent off only by clicking like button on their Facebook handles. Well, we'd be crazy not to do it, right? Always do it because you can also go back into your social account and delete the marketing from your feed once you have the discount code. This way you will not invalidate the discount.

15. Use Amazon Filler to Get Deliveries Free

Source = Mylolist

Earlier I told you about a trick to get free shipping. Now here is a tool you can use to get free shipping but the condition is, it only helps for Amazon. I am talking about Amazon Filler here. Yes, Amazon’s filler item finder allows you to fill your cart with items at super low prices to make sure you reach your minimum $35 mark for free delivery and too when you’re not an Amazon Prime member. You only need to put the amount you need to reach the free delivery mark, and the filler option will make a list of all products available in that condition.

Final Thoughts

So these are available hacks one can use for best shopping deals and huge money in their pocket. Try all and let us know which one helped you the most. 

Why Not Shop Smart When You Know The Art! 


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