12 Things You Should Never Overdo on Facebook - #9 is Unmissable

Keep these important things in mind when you are active on Facebook or any other social network. Nowadays putting so much of information on social platforms can be dangerous in many ways.

5 years ago
12 Things You Should Never Overdo on Facebook - #9 is Unmissable

When was the last time you opened your Facebook account? Just a minute or an hour ago? Don’t think much it might be still open in one of the tabs on your laptop. Facebook has become one of the popular social networks because of its instantly connecting feature.

Nowadays people spend most of their time posting about their lives and families on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It is true that there is no harm posting on social media if there are known people on your friends' list. But have you ever thought of individuals who are spying on you and looking for their next victim?

If you are a Facebook user, you must be thinking that Facebook is old now and everyone is familiar with its privacy settings. But that’s not the case, not all who use Facebook knows how to keep their data hidden from strangers. If you are the one who also spends most of the time on digital platforms, here are some things you should never post on social media. While many people assume that changing privacy settings prevent any harmful things from happening, little do they know that the things posted on social media could be hacked by anyone.

To avoid making any missteps on Facebook, I have compiled a list of the things you should never overdo on this biggest social network. I am giving you a piece of advice; however, it is up to you to ignore or to go ahead at your own risk.

Things You Should Avoid Overdoing on Facebook

1. Posting Pictures of Your Trip

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Nowadays social media has become a medium to stay in touch with old friends, to share the photos from a vacation, and to send wishes without meeting in a person. But sometimes sharing too many photos from a vacation can be annoying.

You might find it exciting sharing a group of photos from your vacation on Facebook, but uploading it very frequently can make your friends jealous. To be honest, I feel jealous when someone uploads the pictures from their trip or any events if I am not in those photos.

Another thing to keep in mind is sharing the photos can be a bad move as people can misuse them in many ways.

2. Sharing the Location

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One of the worst things you can do on social networks is to share the upcoming travel plans and itinerary on it. Firstly, you are sharing the thieves an exact date when you will not be available at home and when you will be back. Secondly, you are also disclosing the details about the location so that criminals could easily make a plan to harm you.

So, next time you make any travel plans, avoid sharing your status/plans on Facebook. And obviously, it would be better to enjoy the trip with friends and family rather than worrying about the criminals attacking your vacant home.

3. Attention Seeking Posts

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Avoid sharing the posts that make someone ask you ‘what happened’ or ‘what’s wrong’ because these vague posts are often considered as attention seeking and do not attract many. If you have genuine friends, they will ask you in person is everything okay at your side, otherwise writing a post to get attention is something not worth sharing.

I am not saying it is bad sharing the status of what’s going on your life on Facebook, but overdoing it would only make you infamous. So, if you are sharing the post to get attention then try to share something worth reading.

4. Complaint About the Job

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I agree most of us don’t like the jobs we are doing. But it is never a good idea to complain about the job you are doing. Sometimes it is okay to post because of frustration, but it is never a good plan to show that you do not like the job or the workplace.

Another important thing to note is if there is an employer who is jealous of you, might take advantage of your post and can put your job in trouble.

Before you post bad about your workplace, make sure that you hide your status with your boss and manager. If you complain about the workplace on Facebook (without changing the privacy settings), you know better what will happen next.

I will advise you to avoid complaining on Facebook and to solve the problem with your manager first.

5. Don’t Post Other’s News

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Be it your cousins’ birthday, or her pregnancy, or your best friend’s wedding, don’t be the first one to share other people’s news on social media. I know you love them, so you are announcing their news on Facebook, but you don’t know you are also creating an awkward situation for many people on your friends’ list and also taking control of their timeline.

There are chances that you are sharing the news someone wants to keep personal for legitimate reasons. So if you are the one who does the same, avoid sharing someone else’s news online without their consent.

6. Don’t Post Political Rants

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If you are into politics or love talking about the political issues, it’s a good idea to share news or links to the articles to start a discussion among the friend circle on the social network.

But before you post a question to discuss on the matter, think twice that it is not hurting the sentiments of people or is insensitive. That way you will lose friends and would regret sharing a post on Facebook.

Putting up the questions for discussion is fine but, purposefully posting it may get you into trouble. If you are bound to argue over political issues, go to a political blog and do so. One of the reasons why people use Facebook is to have fun and not to get stressed over something. So you better avoid posting negative stuff on the social network.

7. Stop Asking People to Like Your Page

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I find it funny why people message again and again to like their page. If someone has already liked your page, asking them again would make them feel you unimportant. It is also not a good idea to beg people to like and to share your page with their friends.

While some find this trick important to grow their business, others find it annoying. Don't forget that good content always reaches people. So if you are into business, make sure that you upload/share the posts worth remembering.

8. Stop Promoting Yourself

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It is great that you are going out for a movie or bought a new book, or have a special code for the popular online shopping website. But keep that self-promotion posts for other time and don’t be one of those people who are active on Facebook only when you are launching your beauty products. Though people look for the tricks to make their Facebook page popular, the truth is there are no perfect steps that will lead to instant success.

Be an active member of Facebook and interact with other companies selling similar products like yours and not a Facebook user who comes online only when you have to promote your products. While some people may like your content and it may go viral, others don’t find it interacting and would not even like your post.

9. Dozens of Hashtags

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Adding dozens of hashtags while uploading a picture is risky.  Nowadays people not only post their pictures on Facebook but also add hashtags to make their post reach to thousands of people. No doubt hashtags are great for Instagram and Twitter but, it doesn’t work for Facebook. It helps to reach a target audience and attracts followers but Facebook has certain promotional rules, and due to this, most FB users post accounts are private, and only hashtags are tied with top influencers and brands. If you are a Facebook user, use emojis in your post to increase engagement. Try these new emoticons released in 2019 to promote your business or to share a picture from your trip.

So next time you upload pictures or share a status on FB, don’t use hashtags because they are of no use and would only annoy people instead add emojis.

10. Embarrassing Photos of Your Friends

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I agree that saving the worst pictures of your friends on the phone is a great idea to blackmail them, but posting those pictures on Facebook may give the wrong impression of them on people. Posting them may send the wrong message to everyone on your friends’ list, and it is also very easy for photos to go viral these days.

It is great that you are best friends and have ugly pictures of each other on your phone, but keep them private and safe, and gift them on their birthday or any occasion. Avoid sharing embarrassing pictures of anyone on Facebook; for you, it is fun but, it might hurt them for many reasons.

11. Posting Pictures of Your Baby

Source = Sheknows

Every mom believes that she has the cutest baby in the world. But to be true your child is just born, and he/she has done nothing important yet to share to the whole world. If you are the one who often shares the pictures of kids on Facebook, stop it right now. Not everyone is free and interested in watching your kids growing up.

For those who are uninitiated, Facebook allows you to create a group of friends so that they only can see the pictures and great stories shared by you. Plus, it also protects your account and keeps the privacy for the long run.

12. Asking Questions That Google Can’t Answer – Really?

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‘Is there anyone who could make an itinerary for me to travel to Germany?’ Really? Do you think everyone is free here? Or you just wanted to show that you are traveling to one of the expensive countries in the world. Stop showing off! Instead, ask Google, It will help you better than your so-called friends.

Final Words

Even if you think your Facebook account is safe from strangers, it is difficult to manage and see where your posts end up. You have no control over the things what strangers and friends could do with your pictures.

Facebook is not only about you, but also about your followers and the strangers who are going to react after seeing the collection of your videos and photos. It is obvious to think that all the posts you share on Facebook won’t be like by all, but you can have fun without insulting and annoying others with your posts. If you are new on the social platform, try these hidden tips and tricks on Facebook and feel like a pro.

With few likes and shares, your posts are viewed by thousands of people from around the world you don’t know. So next time, when you upload or post any picture on Facebook, keep the above things in mind and be safe.

Facebook is surely a fantastic way to stay connected with family and friends. But don’t forget there are some things you should not overdo on social platforms. Also, it is not necessary to share every thought and feeling you have: the latest country you visited, funny thing that dumb person said or more.

While social media has several advantages, it has drawbacks too. What are your thoughts on it? Drop your comments below.


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