10 Lesser-Known Facts About Challenger Disaster In History

Space Shuttle Challenger disaster tragedy was a massive one in the history of the space science. Let us know some unknown facts about it here.

6 years ago
10 Lesser-Known Facts About Challenger Disaster In History

We all are aware of the natural disasters which takes place on the mother Earth. But there are certain disasters in the world which are caused by man. Challenger Orbiter Disaster is one of them.

On 28 January 1986, Challenger Orbiter space shuttle broke just after the take off within 73 seconds, bringing a great devastation at the end of the 10th mission. This disaster took lives of seven astronauts onboard.

Here are some shocking facts about the Challenger disaster:

1) Before Disaster Challenger, Space Shuttle Completed Nine Successful Missions

Source = Npr

The Challenger vehicle was built in 1975. Soon after its construction, this vehicle underwent a lot of vibrant tests in the entire year. This vehicle morphed into the space shuttle after getting successful results in tests.

It was first launched in 1983. A female astronaut from America and first African men went as the crew members in it to take the first spacewalk.

2) Astronauts Did Not Die Instantly

Source = History

When the tank collapsed, the Challenger remained intact but soon after that, it started moving upwards. The cabin where crew members were present reached the height of 65,000 feet above the Atlantic ocean before falling from the sky.

Astronauts did not die instantly but eventually as they found it hard to resist the pressure. It made them unconscious which resulted in death. Another reason behind their death was zeroing down of oxygen level thereby leading to suffocation and loss of breath.

3) Few Engineers Had Even Predicted One Night Before That The Space Shuttle Is Going To Blow Up

Source = Cnn

A night before the takeoff of the space shuttle, few engineers urged the NASA’s scientists and authority to delay the mission. That’s because they had noticed failure of O ring seals due to chilly conditions outside.

4) Challenger Did Not Explode In Reality

Source = Cbsistatic

Just after the lift, the space shuttle engulfed in the cloud fire at an altitude 46,000 feet and it seemed like an explosion to the media as well as people who were watching it live.

Although the main factor was that the seal, which was used to prevent the leak from the tank, failed due to the cold weather conditions. As a result, hot gas began to pour out inside the shuttle. Liquid hydrogen and oxygen created the fire in the tank which resulted in the devastating disaster.

5) People Saw The Challenger Disaster Live

Source = Nydailynews

Many people watched the Challenger disaster live on televisions in addition to the hundreds of people who watched it live on grounds.

People saw repeat telecast of this disaster many times. The cable disk was installed at very few houses in America as it was a newer technology.

6) A School Teacher Was Selected As A NASA Crew Member To Go In Challenger

Source = Cloudfront

Christa Mcauliffe was a social teacher in Concord High school in New Hemisphere. At 37 years of age, she was selected as NASA’s first educator and first civilian to go into space.

They selected her in order to publicise about their organization among the kids as well as across the world. NASA provided the opportunity for the kids to watch the launch of the space shuttle live but unfortunately what they saw was a drastic tragedy.

7) Cold Weather Was A Major Factor Which Resulted In The Disaster

Source = Cloudfront

Investigation and thorough weather examination proved that the weather conditions were inappropriate for the launch activity, but they were fairly not enough for them to delay the mission.

At the time of the launch, the temperature was below the freezing point which affected the O ring seal of the tank.

8) This Disaster Stalled The Space Programme For Three Years

Source = Dailymail

After the tragic incident, the work for the space shuttle programme was stalled for three years. NASA was looking for suggestions so that suspension of Space shuttle does not happen in future.

Another incident occurred in 2003 with the Columbia crash but the safety measures and precautions  taken after the Challenger disaster helped them get out of the scene very easily. However, the cause of this tragedy was different from the Challenger disaster.

9) Astronauts Were First Fatalities Of Nasa In The History

Source = History

Despite knowing the dangers of the space, seven astronauts were sent for the very first time in the history ever in the space shuttle.

Astronauts on the board were the first one to perish in the space flight since the foundation of the NASA. Two astronauts died in the test flight at the ground in 1967. But astronauts on the Challenger’s board were the first to go in space.

10) Two Pieces Of The Challenger Washed Ashore At The Local Beach After A Decade

Source = Boston

A lot of debris was formed after the tragedy. Some important material was retrieved by NASA in their investigation. Hundred of pounds of metals were recovered.  Two pieces of the Challenger space shuttle were discovered in Atlantic ocean surfing the shore of Cocoa Beach at 20 miles away from Kennedy Space Center.

They were about 6 feet wide and 13 feet long originally connected to left wing flap. After the discovery, these two parts were kept in the silos where the other remains of the Challenger were kept.

These are some of the facts which you might not know about the Challenger Disaster.


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