6 Worst Pains Ever Perceived by Humans

Pain is terrible! It warns that something is wrong and you have to withdraw the thing that is hurting you.  Unpleasant as i...

7 years ago
6 Worst Pains Ever Perceived by Humans

Pain is terrible! It warns that something is wrong and you have to withdraw the thing that is hurting you.  Unpleasant as it is! Pain is a hell thing that we try to avoid it at any costs desperately. Some pain is so serious that even treating with medication can’t rid you of it.

Pain indicates you about the wrong, and something needs to be done to get relieved of it. Most of us have experienced different types of pain in our lives, but some pain sources are more extreme than any other bearable condition.

Here is the list of the worst pains a human can feel

1) Trigeminal Neuralgia

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Trigeminal Neuralgia is a result of nerves in your face and it feels like struck by lightning on the face repeatedly. There is no cure for the disease. However, it can be managed with some medication and therapy. It can be felt anywhere on a person’s head but originates from nerves function being disrupted.

2) Torn Achilles

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Torn Achilles is said to be one of the painful injuries in the world. Achilles is the strongest and the largest tendon in the body that allows you to flex your foot and make you able to run and walk. For severe tears, surgery is necessary but for small ruptures, intense therapy is often effective.

3) Stonefish

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Synanceia or stone fish is found on the ocean floors of surrounding Japan. They hide completely so that divers step on them and get a little bit closer to them. The result of their biting is vomiting, paralysis, nausea and seizures. Unfortunately, if you don’t get any help you can even die. It is said that bite by stonefish is the worst pain ever faced by any person. (7.1)

4) Kidney Stones

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Crystalline lumps that form in the urinary tract are mostly made of calcium despots. Nephrolithiasis or kidney stones give a person unimaginable pain and often results in vomiting, fever in the person. These stones generally need to grow before they block the genital area and when it happens the person experiences the pain until the stone is naturally or surgically removed.

5) Bullet Ant Sting

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Found in Honduras, Paraguay, and Nicaragua, Bullet Ant Sting can bite you more than 100 times in a few seconds. It is the worst pain ever that human can feel and bear for an hour. Watch the video how this man placed his hand in gloves that were packed with bullet ants. Don’t know where he is but you can actually guess the pain he had faced by looking his reaction.

6) Second degree Burn

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Do you know that second degree burns are more painful than third degree burns? Second degree burns affect almost all layers of the skin, and the affected part often appears to be moist or wet with white and red patches. The infections are common following burns, and need to be treated very carefully to avoid pain.


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