10 Ways To Make Your Period Come Faster

Periods are most unpleasant and unwanted for many girls. It causes pain and makes you feel annoyed and uncomfortable. Also, peri...

7 years ago
10 Ways To Make Your Period Come Faster

Periods are most unpleasant and unwanted for many girls. It causes pain and makes you feel annoyed and uncomfortable. Also, periods often comes when you have to attend some family gatherings. Thus, there are times when women would like to begin their menstrual cycle faster. But do you know that you can make your period come faster by using several home remedies?

Do remember that inducing your period date is a safer option than delaying it. You may be thinking why only home remedies? Well, home remedies cause no harm or side effects as pill do. So it’s better to ignore the pills and start focusing on home remedies.

1) Papaya

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Papaya is the best yet effective home remedy to make your period come faster. It provides excessive heat to your body and the component carotene present in the papaya encourages the estrogen hormone in the body.

2) Jaggery

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Make juice of jaggery and ginger and have it before breakfast. Or you can also eat jaggery along with sesame seeds early morning.

3) Turmeric

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Add nearly 1tbsp of turmeric in a glass of hot water and drink it twice a day before 20 days of expected date. Intake of turmeric makes your periods come faster or 7-8 days before the date.

4) Pineapple

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Pineapple increases the heat in the body. Thus, intake of pineapple in large amounts can help you bring your periods faster. If you don’t like eating pineapple as a whole, add honey over it if you don’t like the sour taste of pineapple.

5) Exercises

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Do some aerobic exercises, this encourages the body and helps people lose weight. Doing abdominal exercise is very good for the body; this can make the muscle contract resulting having periods faster.

6) Herbs

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Herbs like parsley and ginger are very effective in making your periods come faster. These herbs expand the uterus and help periods to come before the date. You can also have parsley and ginger tea every night and morning.

7) Carom Seeds/ Ajwain

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Drink Ajwain juice daily to make your period come faster. Besides this, you can also have fenugreek seed juice to help your periods come faster.

8) Pomegranate juice

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Drink at least 3-4 glasses of pomegranate juice every day. You can also mix pomegranate and sugarcane juice; drink it thrice in a day.

9) Increase the intake of Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is actually a great term that induces your period. It is already known that Vitamin C helps increase the amount of uterine lining which in turn improves the chances of menstruation. It is advised a daily allowance of 60-65 mg. Eat a lot of broccoli, leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, and kiwi.

10) Coriander Seeds

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Coriander seeds are the best home remedy for irregular periods. Boil 1 tbsp of coriander seeds with water and wait until the water reduces to half. With the help of strainer remove the seeds and drink the mix thrice a day for best results.

Menstruation cycle is a natural phenomenon of women’s body. So it’s better not to do changes in these natural functions. Unnecessary change can lead to harmful effects.


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