11 False Stereotypes About Healthy Lifestyle (#3 is Your Daily Habit)

You might not agree with me, but do you know thinking positive harms you in many ways? According to research, positive thinking leads to depression when you fail.

4 years ago
11 False Stereotypes About Healthy Lifestyle (#3 is Your Daily Habit)

What do you think a healthy lifestyle is? Eating foods rich in proteins, reducing sugar intake, maintaining body weight, and drinking plenty of fluids. A healthy lifestyle has become a goal for people and even became a trend in today’s generation.

Exercise, good sleep, and a healthy diet have a positive impact on mental health. But sometimes false stereotypes appear to be true, and you should stay alert because they can harm you. With the popularity of healthy living, several wrong stereotypes are commonly believed.

We have compiled a list of untrue stereotypes that could be potentially harmful but believed to be healthier. Check amazing health facts that are rarely known.

Stereotypes You Should be Aware of to Live a Better Life

1. Ergonomic Furniture is Good for Backaches

Source = Ergonomictrends

You might have seen the Ergonomic furniture advertisement showing that it is best for treating backaches.

But do you know this is only a commercial trick? The fancy chairs cause deterioration in back. It comes in several designs and support requirements but causes damage to other body parts. Ergonomic furniture causes discomfort, strains on the body, and restricts movement.

Next time, you look for Ergonomic furniture for office, make sure that you take trial and don’t feel unusually tired. Also, don’t forget to read the manual that comes with special instructions, including the sitting posture.

2. Microwave Food or Multi-Cooker is Harmful For Health

Source = Ryman-static

Microwave and multi-cooker came into existence in 1946. It is said that the food prepared in microwave or multi-cooker is harmful to health because it radiates.

But the fact is, both of these items are suitable for cooking healthy diet food because it consumes less oil. Also, it is proven that the working principle of microwave is based on different heating combinations like grilling, convention, and more.

During these processes, the food doesn’t lose vitamins and nutrients. Microwave is used by many, but not all know its facts. Know about the best compact microwaves in the world.

3. All Fruits Should be Peeled Before Eating

Source = Berkeleywellness

When I was a kid, my mom used to say to me, always wash and peel fruits and vegetables before you eat. But do you know that according to nutritionists, several vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini shouldn’t be peeled?

If you do so, you deprived yourself with vitamins, magnesium, and other important minerals. It is recommended to wash fruits and vegetables twice with the water before use.

Next time, if someone says to serve peeled apple, tell them it is nutritious, and it should be eaten as it is.

4. Packaged Water Bottle is More Healthy

Source = Worldchronicle24

When you go to restaurants or travel you usually buy packaged plastic water bottles. If you do this often, immediately stop buying it because scientists from Canada have determined that these plastic bottles carry several bacteria.

Also, if the bottle is used once, it is difficult to clean as bacteria reside inside it. You would be shocked to know that water spoils very quickly when left in a bottle because the bottleneck never gets disinfected after it is touched by lips.

5. Positive Thinking Lets You Forget About Your Problems

Source = Licdn

Positive Thinking and Mantras like ‘I am the Best,’ ‘I can do this,’ and more are dangerous for health. Whenever I feel low, thinking about my future or career, everyone around me says, Be positive everything good will happen and surround me with positive thoughts.

But actually, this philosophy has ruined everyone’s life. Experts in psychology found that the belief that ‘you can do anything’ can be detrimental to your mental health. This process alters your perception and develops a condition such as depression when you reach failure.

On the other hand, negative thoughts make you more sensible and realistic. So, make a balance between positive and negative thoughts to live a better life.

6. Always Stretch Before Exercising

Source = Greatist

You should always do basic stretching before training. But according to research, the basic stretching does not warm up the body but also incites injuries.

No doubt, stretching makes the body flexible, but it also weakens your muscles and affects your body overall. It worsens the endurance and sometimes causes injury.

Stretching a muscle and holding it for 30-40 seconds is a good choice (or stretch as long as it doesn’t hurt). But it is recommended to do dynamic stretching before training for better results.

7. Wake up Early on Weekends

Source = Dermstore

After doing a hectic 9-6 job from Monday to Saturday, everyone needs a long sleep on weekends. But you might have heard the phrase ‘Early to bed, early to rise, keeps a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.’ Yes, this is true for weekends too.

If you are like me who can’t wake up early, here's the good news. Research done by the University of Chicago proves that getting recovery sleep on Saturdays and Sundays neutralizes an increased sensitivity to insulin that may appear due to lack of sleep. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of diabetes. Therefore, sleep more on weekends and reduce the risk of early death.

Sweden scientists also proved that sleeping for long on weekends decreases the risk of death by 15% in comparison to those who don’t sleep enough. Remember lack of sleep harms your body, and you should avoid it.

8. The Redder Salmon Meat is Healthier

Source = Wildalaskancompany

If you buy salmon meat by its color, then you are buying the wrong product. It is a common belief that red-colored salmon meat is much healthier to eat than regular meat.

Several breeds of salmon such as sockeye are red. But expensive fat salmon breeds are paler. But do you know the color of salmon does not indicate about its freshness?

The white streaks you see in fish are healthier and indicate that no dyes are added. Fish or meat you buy from store has been previously frozen, and colors are added because fish spoils very fast.

So if you now go to the market to buy salmon, don’t choose it because it is RED.

9. Regular Body Detox is Necessary for a Good Health

Source = Rmalab

If a doctor advises you to follow a special diet plan based on science, it is important to practice that. But when you take care of the body on own without any medical professionals, sometimes problems may arise.

There's no proof about how the methods of detox like, fasting,  juice drinking, special diets, and enemas are beneficial for health. But the researchers have shown negative results like vomiting, stomach disorders, liver failure, and more problems.

10. Drinking Juices in Large Quantity

Source = Belmarrahealth

You know that drinking a large amount of soda is harmful to health. But you might not know that consuming a large number of juices, for instance, when following a detox diet, causes harm to your body.

It doesn’t matter; whether you are consuming fresh juice or packaged one, sugar in the beverage can cause obesity, diabetes, and other health problems. So, drink a balanced amount of juice and stay healthy.

11. The Best Time to Take Shower is in the Early Morning

Source = Aia

When do you take a shower? In the morning and sometimes in the evening too. There has been a debate for a long time about which is the best time to take a shower?

According to research, there’s no best time, but it depends on your skin type. For instance, if you have dry skin, it is recommended to take a shower in the evening because dry skin collects a huge amount of skin cells on the body, and helps them wash way. Conversely, if you have oily skin, take a shower in the morning.

If you are not sure to follow the above points, here are some weirdest and easiest ways to live longer and stay healthy.

Final Words

Now you know what a good lifestyle is? Unfollow these basic stereotypes which are ruling from a long time and motivates people to not adapt in their daily routine. These myths are believed by all but are disproven by the researchers.

Next time, if you see someone stretching before training or eating peeled fruits, explain why they are not good for health. Advise them to follow the right steps to have a good lifestyle.

Do you know any myth that is commonly believed, but is wrong to adopt? If so, drop your comments below.

Disclaimer: We recommend you to consult a doctor before changing any plans in your daily schedule.


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