10 Reasons Caffeine Should Be A Prescription Drug

Most of us rely on the morning cup of coffee, a little in the afternoon to keep us charge throughout the day and even at night to have it in the form of pleasure. Unaware of its harmful effects and severe consequences.

6 years ago
10 Reasons Caffeine Should Be A Prescription Drug

Everything in the world has some advantages as well as disadvantages. Similarly, coffee or caffeine products have benefits as well as side effects. We all crave for coffee now a then without keeping count on the exact amount we are intaking daily. It is essential for all of us to put some limits on its consumption.

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Headache, nervousness, muscular pain, anxiety, irritation are all symptoms of caffeine products. Sometimes it happens that caffeine reacts with some medicines and results in severe consequences. Caffeine even has the tendency to react with natural herbs, food, alcohols any many other different products which can be disastrous for our body.

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We all live in a world where we mostly do things which pleases us and we do not pay attention to its after effects. Having concern for health is important therefore caffeine should be recommended as prescription drugs by the doctors.

Here are some side effects of caffeine which can be dangerous to health.

1) May Cause Insomnia

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If you are caffeinated, you would not realize that you spend most of the time being awake at night. But all these consequences is due to having an excess of coffee doses. It results in making you restless, irritable and increases the anxiety level. It’s better to avoid coffee when you do not require to stay awake whole night.

2) Stomach Disorder

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Caffeine is even harmful to stomach as it contains acid which indulges stomach to produce more acid which is quite harmful to for it. Due to this people suffer from indigestion and other related problems. And all those people who have a weak stomach should restrict themselves from having it on daily basis.

3) Increase The Chances Of Osteoporosis

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Caffeine, when consumed in large quantities, can increase the chances of Osteoporosis by absorbing the calcium present in the bone resulting in bone thinning. Thus it is always advised not to drink coffee or other caffeine products in excess which can give severe side effects later in life. As caffeine decreases the strength of the bone making them weak and people start facing muscular pains or tremors.

4) High Blood Pressure

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People who suffer from hypertension should avoid taking coffee as it increase the blood pressure of the person. It worsens the people’s condition by fastening the heart beats and making them irregular. Its regular consumption in excess can increase the possibility of heart attacks.

According to study caffeine is associated with heart attacks, its consequences are mainly found in youngsters who initially suffer from mild tension and later on leads to death.

5) May Cause Hallucinations

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It is true that coffee and other caffeine products give us pleasure but its addiction may cause hallucinations. It makes people see illusions activating stress hormones in the body which results in a hallucination of those things  which a person fears from. Consumption of caffeine can even lead the death of the people due to their imaginations. Thus if you feel you are getting addicted to caffeine and its products then cut its daily consumption slowly.

6) Increase Chances Of Miscarriage

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Pregnant ladies need to be extra cautious about caffeine and its products. Excessive doses of caffeine can lead to miscarriages, pre-delivery complications and even delay the growth of fetal in the mother’s womb.

7) Increase Chances Of Breast Tissue Cyst

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A bad news for all those women who consumes 500 milligrams of caffeine regularly has the chances of developing breast tissue cyst then those who take less amount. It is even harmful to the breastfeeding mothers as it affects the baby directly.

8) Causes Depression

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Nowadays people are suffering more from depression than other diseases. It is because they do not have the courage to deal with the stressful life. Drinking coffee and other caffeinated products activates the stress hormones present in the body. Leading the people towards dark where they are found depressed and hopeless. Therefore caffeine is even responsible for depression in people.

9) Diarrhea And Vomiting

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One of the most known side effects of having coffee is that people suffer from dry mouth and diarrhea. Sometimes they even feel like vomiting. You will not experience at early stages but in long-term caffeine will definitely affect your  health.

10) Serious Allergic Reactions

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People who intake coffee daily face allergic reactions. These reactions differ from person to person. White hair, acne, swelling in mouth, lips or tongue, itching, rashes all these are some serious allergic reactions which a person may have to face if he or she consumes coffee regularly.

All these side effects of Caffeine results in serious health damages thus is essential for people to consume caffeine products only when it is prescribed as a drug by the doctor.


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