10 Ancient Painkillers Used Till Today

In ancient time when people do not have any medical facilities they began using plants and herbs to relieve the sufferers from severe pain.

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10 Ancient Painkillers Used Till Today

People all across the globe suffer from different kinds of pain which occur due to some traumatic accident, slip, fall, crash etc. Even the ancient people suffered from it. But our ancestors were very creative and intelligent, they found out ways and solutions for most of the problems by using herbs and plants.

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Still these species of plants are used in some part of the world for relieving the pain. It may be an earache, headache, stomach, toothache, joint pain, muscular pain etc. These plants and herbs are rich in their medicinal properties. They are used in healing wounds and curing the patient completely.

Here is the list of Ancient Painkiller used by the people all over the world for its medicinal values.

1) Turmeric

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Turmeric is one of the most famous painkillers in the world. Its analgesic characteristics help in revealing the pain of the person suffering from a wound. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is, therefore, is known as one of the best antiseptics in healing the wounds.

Mainly turmeric is used in India for its medicinal properties. Not only it is antiseptic but is also used as antibacterial to prevent the wounds from getting infected. It even helps in the formation of new skin and also closes the wounds of the people.

2) Opium

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In 3400 BC, poppies were found in lower Mesopotamia. Popularly known as poppy Hil Gil (Joy Plant). The plant was known for its euphoria and anesthetic properties in the world. Poppies were gathered by the people and opium was extracted from them.

Later on, people started cultivating their own poppies and soon poppies trade flourished. Alexander the great brought poppies to Persians and Indians where people began using them for its medicinal qualities. Opium’s anesthetic properties made it a boon for the people.

3) Cannabis

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Chinese Emperor Fu noticed that Cannabis is known as a pain reliever. This ancient herb was in the list of Chinese Pharmacopoeia, used as an encyclopedia of drugs. From China, it became famous all over the world for having medicinal properties which can be used in relieving the pain of sufferers.

India mixed cannabis with milk and thus they prepared a drink which used to remove the pain, helps in curing swellings and earaches. Arabian used cannabis to relieve the patient from migraine headache pain.

4) Mandragora

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One of the first anesthetic Mandragora had the ability to leave the patient unconscious. Greek physician wrote the effects of it in first century AD in the form of a wine. The wine was prepared from Mandrake plant which helped the people in sleeping. It made possible to do the surgical operations easily without letting the patient know anything.

Later on, people started soaking the sponge in the Mandragora and opium juices.It was then left of drying, after being moistening it, it was used by the people to make patient unconscious.

5) Henbane

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Hyoscyamus nigger commonly known as henbane was used in ancient times as an anesthetic in spite of its psychotropic effects. It was used in ancient time relieve the patients from severe pain. It has both atropine and scopolamine found in plants. The former was used as a muscle relaxant and the later was used to prevent vomiting, calmness and induced sleep. It was even used in toothaches, earaches, and other maladies.

6) Datura

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Datura is derived from a poisonous plant. It is popularly known as jimson weed or thorn apple. It was used by the people for getting relief. Although this drug has serious side effects which can make a person mad for three long days. When taken in excess quantity can lead to death.

7) Corydalis Plant

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In ancient China, people used the tubers of the Corydalis plant and boiled them up in vinegar to relieve the pain of sufferers. Mainly it was used in headaches and backaches. It is mostly found in Central and Eastern China. According to modern science, it contains the natural pain-killing compound. A plant used in ancient China can now be used in modern ways to alleviate pain.

8) Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera found in India is rich in medicinal contents. This plant can be used in removing the joint pain. The gel found inside this plant is used as cooling sensation over burns, sting, cut, blisters, itching, infections, and abrasions. It has antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Aloe Vera is also used in fever, osteoarthritis, inflammation and much more.

9) Clove

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Clove is an antioxidant, anesthetic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and carminative. Clove is full of medicinal properties its juice is taken during a sore throat. It also reduces the blood sugar level in diabetic patients. Although it is mostly treated as a local anesthetic in teeth and gums and relieves the patients from their aches.

10) Ajwain

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If a person is suffering from indigestion and gas then he or she used to take ajwain along with the water to get relief from the pain. Ajwain helps in alleviating the patients suffering from stomach aches.. It is mainly found in an Indian kitchen. It is very beneficial in earaches, toothaches and heart problems and nasal blockage.

These were some ancient painkillers which are still used till today by the people all over the world.


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