Two Yolks in One Egg | Causes | Significance

Preparing a yummy egg dish is always a fun, what’s more, interesting is cracking an egg and getting two yolks in one.

6 years ago
Two Yolks in One Egg | Causes | Significance

Whether you are preparing an omelet or simply baking some cookies, what makes you excited is the cracking of the eggs right?  You happily use these cute little ovals for your morning breakfast, lunch and sometimes in dinner. But nothing could excite you more if you crack the egg and found not One but Two tempting yolks inside. 

Double yolker or two yolks is actually not a rare event, and are reported to be found in approximately 1 or 2 in every 1000eggs. Popularly known as – ‘the heart of gold’ - the egg got its name by the golden center yolk. (1.1)

Source = Howstuffworks

The egg’s center i.e. yolk gives a source of food to the developing embryo. As the newborn matures it pulls all the nutrients from the yolk until it becomes strong to break through and peeps on the farm. 

Common Misconception About the Two Yolks in One Egg

You may have heard that a double yolker comes from a twin egg. While there are some hens that are capable enough of producing to yolks, but the eggs discovered inside the cartons on the shelves of your refrigerator are just the practice swings. (1.2)

The double yolks are produced when the hen is young and her body is still adapting to egg-laying. Even this may happen that hens may produce an egg with no yolks. And these rare eggs are popularly termed as ‘wind eggs’. 

What Causes Two Yolks in One Egg?

Have you ever wonder how double yolkers occurs? Two yolks in one egg occur when two individual egg yolks are released into the hen's oviduct close enough such that it the yolks could join together in one shell. Double yolkers are usually produced by new layers, whose laying cycle are irregular or whose routine is not normal as it was once before. 

Sometimes double yolkers are the result of the hereditary, some breeds tend forward them that twins might run in the family. Don’t panic! If you find two yolks in one egg, they are purely healthy and 100% safe to eat. 

Source = Itv

How DoubleYolkers look like?

It’s actual suspense; you cannot identify the eggs until you crack it. You must be lucky enough to get the double yolks in a single egg. However, some believe that these kinds of eggs are larger in size such that it accommodates double yolkers. 

Is There any Significance Behind Double Yolkers? 

There are different theories to be believed - with most common detailing that it brings a good luck. While some old traditions speak that double yolker signs the birth of twins in a family, some believe it to a herald of bad luck and pertain a death of someone in the family, so contrasting! 

What are your thoughts? We believe it to be the symbol of good luck because there’s nothing wrong about having a double yolker in the breakfast right? 

Have you ever found two yolks in one egg or you are still waiting for two or more??


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