Dalgona Coffee - The Delicious Coffee That has Become Everyone’s Favorite

In this social distancing time, people are exploring new recipes to make at home. Right from FB to TikTok, Dalgona coffee is going viral all over the internet.

4 years ago
Dalgona Coffee - The Delicious Coffee That has Become Everyone’s Favorite

Looking at the critical situation due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are staying at home and are practicing social distance to slow the spread of the coronavirus. They are working from home and also finding time for their hobbies. 

Be it dancing or cooking: everyone is spending their quarantine period productively. Also, in this internet world, it doesn’t take long for a trend to go viral. People are sharing their cooking recipes, exercise routines, and other challenges. And one thing that is going viral on the internet is Dalgona coffee. 

Recently, a South Korean actor, Jung II-woo, shared a picture of a coffee that reminded him of Dalgona honeycombs. From that day, Koreans started making this coffee at home and shared pictures and videos over the internet. 

But you would be amazed to know that everyone has been making this coffee for a long time and called it ‘beaten coffee.’ It is widely enjoyed in several countries and has turned into everyone’s favorite drink. The only difference between a regular and Dalgona coffee is preparing technique. 

While regular coffee is prepared by adding instant coffee into hot/cold milk, Dalgona coffee is made by beating coffee and water with an electric mixer until a beautiful frothy texture is obtained. Let us know the history and recipe to make Dalgona Coffee. 

History of Dalgona Coffee

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Coffee has origins from Rajasthan, India. In India, it is known as beaten coffee or Pheti hui coffee. The coffee went viral after a South Korean actor, who visited an eatery in Macau, posted a picture of a coffee served to him. The coffee reminded him of Dalgona, a kind of honeycomb toffee. 

Dalgona coffee is prepared with sugar and baking soda and is sold on the streets of South Korea. Later, #Dalgonacoffeechallenge became viral, and different home versions of Dalgona coffee were posted on Youtube.  

Dalgona Coffee started gaining popularity in the US in March. It is noted that #dalgonacoffee received 3.4 million views on TikTok till 20th March. Currently, over 118,000 posts related to Dalgona coffee have been posted on Instagram. 

Some people are using this Dalgona coffee technique for other drinks as well. With a two-toned appearance, the texture of Dalgona coffee is a pleasure to look at. 

How to Make Dalgona Coffee in Easy Steps (4 Servings)?

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If you are feeling bored in this quarantine period and want to make something delicious, then try this Dalgona coffee and improve your cooking skills. Here is a quick recipe to make this scrumptious drink. 

Dalgona coffee has mainly four ingredients, i.e., coffee, hot water, sugar, and milk. These ingredients are divided into two layers - a pudding-like mixture floats on top and milk is poured in a glass. 

1. Take 2 tbsp of hot water, 2 tbsp of sugar, and 2 tbsp of instant coffee in a bowl. 

2. Beat this mix with a hand mixer or an electric mixer. You could also beat it with your hand, but this would take time. 

3. Slowly, the coffee would become thick and lighter in color. Make sure that you beat coffee until it becomes like a softly whipped cream. 

4. Now add a few ice cubes into a glass. Pour hot/cold milk into a glass and add the coffee mix (whipped coffee) on it. 

5. Make sure that you leave 1-1½ inch of space in a glass when you pour milk so that you can decorate your Dalgona coffee beautifully. 

6. Yay! Your delicious Dalgona coffee is ready to serve.

But is Sipping a Dalgona Coffee Good for Health?

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While Dalgona coffee is going viral for the right reasons, some are finding it not the best coffee option. Julia Peters, the owner of Peixoto Coffee Roasters in Chandler, says- 

"Instant coffee is the lowest quality of coffee you can find.” 

The quality beans are sold as whole beans, and the leftovers become instant coffee. She further added, 

"It really is a treat more so than a coffee beverage." 

However, she is glad that people are taking an interest in it and preparing this coffee at home. She said,

"Anyone, as long as they have coffee and water, can brew at home."

Final Words

You might find Dalgona Coffee's name complicated, but it is the easiest and the most scrumptious coffee recipe that everyone must try. Dalgona coffee is inspired by a spongy toffee in South Korea. 

You could find a range of coffee from premixed coffee to Flat White in different countries. Even coffee shops are preferred as one of the best places for socializing. Dalgona Coffee is now referred to as Quarantine coffee and is getting trendy on social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. 

If you rely on the morning cup of coffee to keep yourself charged, then you should know that caffeine has side effects and should not be consumed in large amounts. However, some people believe that caffeine offers several health benefits like it promotes longevity and protects the liver. Well, I think sipping a Dalgona coffee in this quarantine period is a perfect treat for the coffee lovers. 

Can you make Dalgona Coffee differently? If so, then share your recipe below. 


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