9 Amazing Combinations of Vape Juices Without Nicotine to Curb Smoking

If you have heard about vape juice, e flavors, or electric smoke pen but not been sure what they are, this article will answer all your questions.

5 years ago
9 Amazing Combinations of Vape Juices Without Nicotine to Curb Smoking

There have come many alternatives to a cigarette. Nowadays, an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is the best alternative preferred by chain smokers.

It is an electronic device which works by heating a liquid to generate vapor that the user inhales. The liquid used in an e-cigarette or electric smoke pen (e-liquid) is made of nicotine, different flavors, and propylene glycol.

Despite the growth of e-cigarettes in recent years, many people do not know what vaping is. So, before we directly jump on to know the different e-flavors available, vape juice flavors with no nicotine and the facts about vaping, let us know what vaping is.

What is Vaping?

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Vaping is the act of breathing in and releasing out the vapors (aerosol) produced by an electronic cigarette or any similar device. The device does not produce tobacco smoke, but it produces an aerosol that consists of tiny particles. These particles may contain harmful chemicals that could cause cancer.

Generally, an electric smoker consists of a battery, heating component, and a mouthpiece. When the device is heated up, it turns the content of liquid into vapors or aerosol which is then inhaled and exhaled.

With the popularity of vaporizers, vape juice has become an integral part of vaping across the world. People of the vaping community are searching for different ways to enjoy vaping without worrying about the nicotine quantity to be consumed per hit.

If you are also a part of the community, you might be aware that not every juice contains nicotine. Chain smokers are now using vaping as a great option. Vaping includes nicotine and switching to e-juice without nicotine is not the best option.

Not many smokers know that trying e-juice without nicotine would only push them to start smoking again due to nicotine withdrawals. Switching to vape juice without nicotine would take time to give up on smoking completely. If you have prepared your mind to quit smoking, you should lower the intake of nicotine and slowly switch to juices with low nicotine content when you start.

A Widespread Misconception About Vaping

A misconception about vaping is that you must intake nicotine from vape juice. It is not true. Quitting smoking and switching to vaping gives you many customizable options and even nicotine free vape juices. It is obvious you can’t walk into a store to get a customized cigarette, but with vaping, you can choose different levels and flavors of nicotine.

Is it Safe to Vape Without Nicotine?

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The most common question that comes in the mind while vaping is – is it is safe to vape without nicotine? While most experts agree that electric smoke pen is safer than traditional smoking habits, chain smokers claim it is not safe to vape without nicotine. The fact is that the dangers of nicotine cannot be measured. It is poisonous, but the quantities in e-liquid won’t harm you much. It is not addictive even after separation from chemicals, so the risks of nicotine in vaping can be ignored.

There are chances you don’t find e-cigarette satisfying, so you end up buying a pack of traditional cigarettes. Before you experience the pleasure of vape juices, you may come back to smoking in a week or two, and that is not safe.

List of Common Vape Juices Without Nicotine

Vape juices without nicotine mean that you can enjoy the flavors of other ingredients in higher proportion. E-liquids contain a higher concentration of VG to which bigger smoke clouds are attributed. So if you love blowing big clouds, try vape juices without nicotine.

One of the most interesting things about vaping is that it gives you the choices for flavors. You can customize the juice in many ways. It gives you options for flavors and the strength of nicotine (0%, 1.5% or more) to a certain degree.

Are you looking for vape juice flavors without nicotine? We have listed many options for you. Scroll below.

1. Sahara VG E-Liquid

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If you are a tobacco lover, this flavor will give you a true tobacco taste. The juice is combined with mild tobacco with sweet undertones that make this VG e-liquid a perfect choice for vaping.

2. Charlie’s Chalk Dust Big Belly Jelly

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Do you like dragon fruit? No! But still, you want to taste something fruity and mouthwatering? Then go for Big Belly Jelly. The flavor is an amazing combination of watermelon and tart blueberry. It contains only 0.3% of nicotine. You can’t go wrong with Charlie’s Chalk dust if you like fruits and sweet flavor.

3. MYLK Caramel Almond E-Juice

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If you are looking for something creamy and smooth flavor, then MYLK caramel should be your choice. This vape juice without nicotine allows the caramel to fill in your mouth with almond. It is without nicotine, so there shouldn’t be any excuse not to try it.

4. Platinum Chocolate E-Liquid

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And this riveting combination of chocolate over fruity flavors is what you should not miss about vape juice flavors. Satisfy your taste buds with this soothing creamy deliciousness of chocolate without nicotine. The juice contains only 1.2% of nicotine.

5. Brewell Original VG E-Juice

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If VG (Vegetable Glycerin) is your choice, then Brewell’s VG e-juice offers classic combinations of flavors without nicotine. The original juice features a natural tobacco flavor and authentic taste with zero harshness. It only includes tobacco flavor and does not contain tobacco. A 60ml of original series contains 0.3% nicotine.

6. Puff Dragon E-Liquid

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Satisfy your taste buds with this amazing flavorful twist of dragon fruit and menthol. Dragon fruit includes a deadly combination of sweetness and sourness in the flavor. It is one of the popular flavors amongst vapers.

7. Cosmic Fog Chewberry

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Cosmic Fog Chewberry offers a quick mix of strawberries with passion fruit. This combination creates an authentic cocktail of flavors to please your taste buds. You can choose this combination with 0.6%, 05 and 1.2% nicotine.

8. Platinum Cherry E-Liquid

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The platinum cherry e-liquid offers a mouthwatering combination of tart and sweet together in a vape juice. The product is available in different nicotine strengths. You can select from 1.2%, 1.8%, 0%, and 2.4% nicotine.

9. Tropi –Candy Vape Juice

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This modern mix of fruits is sure to give you an amazing vaping experience. Buy this soothing blend of fruits and enjoy your vaping. Pick this fruity snack pouches and party hard with your friends.

If you have ever thought of quitting smoking habit, you are not alone. 8 out of 10 smokers say they want to quit smoking. According to a study, nearly 1/4th of deaths are the result of smoking. You may find e-cigarettes as a replacement to the traditional way of smoking. But is electric smoke pen better than tobacco products? How does vaping work? Let us find out through the facts associated with vaping.

Facts You Should Know About Vaping

1. E-Cigarette is Less Harmful Than Smoking

Traditional smoking or regular tobacco contains over 5000 chemicals, out of which 90% are toxic. On the other hand, electric smoke pen flavorings and chemicals create a water vapor that you breathe in. Though the exact quantity of chemicals used in e-cigarettes is not known, it is believed that they are less toxic than a traditional cigarette.

2. Vaping is Addictive as Traditional Smoking

Both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes contain addictive ingredients like nicotine. According to a study, e-cigarette users consume more nicotine than they would get from a tobacco product. The users buy extra-strength cartridges which include a higher concentration of nicotine.

3. It is Still Harmful to Your Health

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Both traditional smoking and vaping are bad for your health. Nicotine is a toxic substance, and it craves you to smoke. It increases your heart rate and raises your blood pressure. It is still not known what chemicals make up the vapor and how they are harmful. However, you need to understand that vapor smoke and electronic liquid are dangerous to your health.

4.  Both Vaporizer and E-Cigarette are not the Same Things

They both use e-liquid, and this is the only similarity between e-cigarette and vaporizer. While vaporizers are refillable devices and offer powerful vaping, e-cigs are small in size and are available in different flavor combination.

5.  Vapors May Contain Formaldehyde

A study published by scientists at Portland claimed that at high temperatures, the vapors produced by e-cigarettes might contain formaldehyde which is also known as carcinogens.

The same study also showed that when vaped at normal temperatures, no traces of formaldehyde was found. Therefore, the study when conducted to prove the bad side of vaporizers showed that formaldehyde is not as harmful as declared by some.

Pros and Cons of Vape Juice Without Nicotine

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A study done in 2015 revealed that nearly 8% of Americans vape on a daily basis, but not in the same way. While there are some who vape without nicotine, there are some who use e-flavors that contain nicotine. There are several positive and negative sides of vaping without nicotine.


  • It Will Not Make You Addicted to Nicotine

If you are vaping for the first time, it’s a great idea to try vaping with e-juices that do not contain nicotine. You can experience all the fun that comes along with vaping without getting addicted to nicotine.

  • It Allows You to Enjoy Different E-Flavors

One of the best things about vaping is it allows you to try different e flavors. You can enjoy several flavors without nicotine. Most importantly, if a flavor is what you look for, then you should avoid strength of nicotine and focus on thousands of flavors available in the market.


  • It Doesn’t Help Quitting Using Tobacco Products

If you have already used other tobacco products, vaping can cut back your nicotine use. Vape juices come with different levels of nicotine. However, if your goal is to quit tobacco products, it would be great to use e-flavors with some nicotine at the beginning because vaping without nicotine will make your body crave for nicotine.

  • It Will Cut Down Your Old Smoking Habit But Would Make You Crave For Vaping

When you vape with e-juices (having nicotine), you have to take a few drags very often to balance your nicotine fix. But when you vape without nicotine, you will only be puffing away the cigarettes. Since you do not know when to stop, you would easily get into the habit of vaping. So you should keep in mind when you are vaping and when not to use nicotine.

Do You Want to Quit Smoking?

There’s a connection between smoking and cancer. The sooner you quit, the sooner your body would repair itself. Ask your doctor about smoking cessation schedule and tools that would suit best for you.

Have you ever tried vape juice flavors without nicotine? If yes, share your favorite flavor and your thoughts if e-cigarette is a better alternative to traditional smoking?

Disclaimer – It is illegal to sell nicotine products to minors. Before you buy vapor juice online, make sure that you are 18 or older and of the smoking age (legal) in your state.


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