10 Foods That Don’t Go Bad for Years When Stored the Right Way

Take a look at a few foods that last for years if they are stored properly. Some grocery items have a longer shelf life.

3 years ago
10 Foods That Don’t Go Bad for Years When Stored the Right Way

When it comes to food, several foods like bread and sweets should be consumed within an hour or in a day to retain their taste. But with the right storage techniques, these food items can be stored for years. 

For instance, if you wrap ginger in a parchment paper and keep it in the dark place, it would remain fresh for months. It is believed that moisture and high temperatures shorten the lives of foods or change the color and flavor. 

Do you know foods like Apple can be stored for 5-6 months? Let us see which foods can be stored for a longer time and are still safe to eat. 

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

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Green leafy vegetables like coriander and spinach stales if not used in a day or two. But you can store them for a week by placing the stalks in a bowl and cover them with a plastic bag. Then keep the bag in a cool place. 

2. Apples

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Keep apples at room temperature or in a humid place at a temperature of 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit to increase their life. Apples, when kept at this temperature, remain fresh for a week or month. 

Alternatively, you can also wrap them in vellum and store them in a dark place or far from potatoes. 

3. Dried Pasta

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Dried pasta is prepared from semolina flour and water. You can keep it fresh for a long by storing it in an air-tight container. Contrary to this, fresh pasta is made from eggs and always kept in the refrigerator for better shelf life. 

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4. Mushrooms

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Clean mushrooms and rinse them quickly as their flesh absorbs water. You can also keep them in a bowl of saltwater to prevent them from insects. After rinsing, keep them on a paper and cut the end parts. Dry the mushrooms and store them in a fridge or bowl with napkins. 

5. Dark Chocolate

Source = Eatthis

You would be surprised to know that dark chocolate could be store for 5-7 years. It contains milk; therefore, chances are it could go bad in high temperatures. But if dark chocolate is stored at a temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it could last for five years. 

Note that dark chocolates, when exposed to high temperatures, can lose its color, but it is harmless and doesn’t affect flavor. 

6. White Rice

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Do you know- what is the shelf life of white rice? It doesn’t go bad for years. It has an indefinite shelf life. Brown rice is healthier, but it has oil in it, therefore stales after a period. Whereas, if white rice is kept dry, then it can last forever. 

The only drawback that could stale white rice is moisture or the appearance of tiny black bugs. These bugs can enter into rice if they are not stored in an air-tight container. 

7. Grapes

Source = Almanac

Grapes, when hanged with the rope in a dark and aired room, prevent them from touching each other. This way, grapes stay fresh for a longer period. The best place to keep grapes in the refrigerator is the back wall. 

8. Soft and Hard Grains

Soft grains like rye and barley can be stored up to 8-9 years if the bag is sealed with oxygen absorbers. 

If you are storing these grains, then make sure that you purchase them from a store that sells long-term food storage because the sealing process is done to preserve soft grains. Also, hard grains like buckwheat and millet can last up to 12 years if stored properly. 

9. Teabags and Powdered Milk

Source = Teahow

Teabags, if not opened, can be store for up to 3 years in a pantry. If you open the bag, it can be store for up to 1 and a half years. Powdered milk, if stored in a dark place, could last for up to 5 years. 

Make sure that you don’t store it at high temperature; otherwise, it would be spoiled in 2-3 months. 

10. Hemp Seeds

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Hemp seeds remain fresh for about 14-20 months if not opened. Hemp seeds are overloaded with fiber and omega fats. They are majorly used in smoothies and yogurt with berries. 

Once open, keep the seeds in an air-tight container or in a refrigerator to extend the shelf life. 

Final Words

If you are a kitchen expert, then you must be knowing which foods are best to store and which should be used right away. Do you know other foods that can last for years if stored rightly? If so, then share them.


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