10 Facts About Onion That You Might Not Know

Onions provide a layer of texture, color, and flavor to many of the tempting dishes. On the surface, they seem like a simple vegetable but they have interesting facts behind them that you must know.

6 years ago
10 Facts About Onion That You Might Not Know

Onion’s very in shape, size, and color. The most common types among them are red, pink and white. They have been cultivated for a long time for adding them as food flavors and also as a medicinal vegetable. According to a research, it has been found that near about 105 billion pounds of onion have been harvested every year across the globe.

Here’s a list of 10 onion facts which you might not have heard of:

1) Ancient Onions

Source = Foodnetwork

Onions have been a part of the human diet since ages. Archeologist has discovered traces of onions back 5000 B.C in Egypt. They were found alongside stones from figs and dates in settlements from the bronze age. They quickly spread around the world and became a diet supplement in most of the food items.

2) Holy Onions

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In Ancient Egypt, onions were worshipped by Egyptians, believing that its spherical shape and concentric circles symbolized eternity. They were even placed in the coffin of the dead as onions were believed to bring about prosperity in the afterlife.

3) Onions Have Medicinal Value

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Onions are healthy to eat as they are filled with complex sugars that keep our metabolism healthy. They are a source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, beta-carotene and much more. They do not have fat contents in it. Thus, it is used as a medicinal supplement.

4) Onions Were Used As Currency

Source = Wikihow

During the middle ages, onions were used as an acceptable form of currency and were used to give rent and goods and services. Even onions were used as gifts for others. Thus it is said that onions were used as currency in middle ages.

5) Osteoporosis Fighter

Source = Wonderhowto

Onions can be used as a strong weapon for females as she has to go through the menopause face of their life which decrease the bone strength. Onions can destroy osteoclasts, bone cells that resorb born tissues and weaken bones.

6) Slicing Onion Can Make You Cry

Source = Indiatimes

We often cry, when we slice onions. Have you wondered it why? It's because when we cut onions, sulphuric acid is released which reacts with the moisture in eyes and create a tearful reaction. To avoid it, this product must be cut under the running water or submerged tanks.

7) Onions Can Fight Disease

Source = Express

Onions are rich in quercetin that is a powerful flavonoid antioxidant. This has the positive effects on the people who are battling lung cancer. It can also be used for the treatment of cataracts and even cardiovascular disorders.

8) World’s Largest Onion

Source = Yorkpress

The world’s largest onion was grown by British farmer Peter Glazebrook. He harvested a huge onion in 2011 that weighed about 18 pounds. It was the biggest known onions in the world.

9) Onions Can Cures Baldness

Source = Herintalk

Believe it or not, onions are used as a remedy to cure baldness. Although, if you will apply it to your hair, you will have to leave alone. But, it will increase the growth of hairs and can even make them strong.

10) Onions Can Help Soothe Skin

Source = Goodstuffbuzz

Onions are also used for smoothing skin. It can soothe the bites of insects and burns on the skin. On mixing onion with aspirin and water can be used as healing warts on the body, according to traditional mythology.


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