10 Facts About Food Waste You Didn’t Pay Attention Too

Have you ever wondered about the amount of food you waste every day? There are people who strive for food daily and most of us waste it knowingly.

6 years ago
10 Facts About Food Waste You Didn’t Pay Attention Too

We all love eating food, isn’t it? Even we earn livelihood daily in order to eat and live. But none of us know the importance of throwing it. If it soothes our taste we eat otherwise we dump it.

We need to understand that there are billions of people who sleep most of the time hungry. It is matter of shame that some people are starving for food and we are busy wasting it.

Let’s bring a change in the society with small tiny steps. Even these can help in changing the current scenario and will help in generating awareness so that no one in the country sleeps hungry or starve for the food. It is our responsibility and humanity to take care of needy.

Here are 10 facts about food waste which should be stopped:

1) ⅓ Of Food Goes Waste

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Do you know that out of the total food production in the world almost one-third of the food gets wasted every year? This kind of waste is created in high income and developed countries where people left a lot of food on the dinner table. Whereas in developing countries, it is wasted during the pre and post-harvest.

2) Annual Food Waste

Source = Slowfood

According to an estimation, nearly 1 trillion of food is wasted every year which ways nearly 1.3 billion tonnes. Nearly 870 million people can feed on the food which is wasted every year. So stop throwing food rather than give it to the needy ones.

3) If Wasted Food Were A Country

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An area larger than China is used for growing food which is not even eaten by anyone rather is wasted every year. If we utilize this food production we can save a lot of water, resources, capital, labor, land, energy and power for other purposes.

4) Environmental Effects

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The rotten food which is dumped in the landfills can produce greenhouse gases such as Methane which is normally emitted by car pollution.

So wasting food is also a kind of pollution which can harm the environment. It is because during the decay it gets mixed with the other organic fills. Nearly 8% of greenhouse gases which is heating the Earth atmosphere is due to rotten foods.

5) Food Rejection

Source = Foodwasteweekend

Before the food reaches to the consumer a lot of food gets rejected because they do not match the high standards of the society and the people.

According to an estimation, nearly 20-30% of fruits and vegetables are rejected because they do not meet the standards of the luxurious people.

6) Reduces Water Supply

Source = Yellowhammernews

25% of the fresh water is used for food production which is thrown away. Water and food resources both go in vain.

Freshwater is a very precious source for drinking purpose but if we continue wasting it by producing food which we will throw then the day is not far away when there would be third world war for water.

If you throw burger you waste 90 minutes of shower. So think accordingly!

7) Future Perspective

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It is expected that in 2050, 2.3 billion people will join the planet. If it happens then the food production will increase 60-70% which seems an easy task but will become difficult. It is a very important to preserve our resources so that we can meet the future requirements of food globally.

8) Food Losses According To Different Products

Source = Savefood

The food waste per year includes 30% of cereals, 40-50% for root crops, fruits and veggies, 20% for oilseeds, meat, dairy and 35% for fish. All these together constitute to a large amount of waste which can be eaten by people to fill their empty stomach.

9) Food Waste Elimination Take Off A Car Out Of Four From The Road

Source = Fastcompany

If you become successful in eliminating the food waste which is generated every year. It will save 4.4 million tonnes of CO2 production which is equivalent to take one car off the road from every four cars. We are not only wasting food but also creating harmful environmental consequences for everyone.

10) Half Of The Food Waste Take Place At Home

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You might not be aware of the intriguing fact that half of the food waste is generated from home itself. Thus it is essential for all of us to reduce its production at home by utilizing the leftover food, keeping in mind its expiry dates and much more.

These are some facts which need your action and attention. We human beings spend most of the time in useless issues but none of us pay attention to the food waste. It's time to take initiative and come out of our comfort bed and help in reducing them.


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