5 Unbelievable Weight Transformations In Hollywood

There’s nothing better than these truly inspiring Hollywood celebrities if you’re looking for some real weight transformation inspiration! Read on here to know about they made it happen.

3 years ago
5 Unbelievable Weight Transformations In Hollywood

To stay strong in the glamour business and ace a role, celebrities sometimes have to either put on or lose weight. Some of them go to incredibly great lengths to achieve the desired body transformation: they hit the gym really hard (LIKE really hard!) and follow a strict diet regime.

Here are 5 ultimate, incredible and inspiring weight transformations of Hollywood celebrities that will surely give you some serious fitspiration.

1. 50 Cent

Source = Hivehealthmedia

Back in 2010, the famous American rapper, actor, businessman and investor 50 Cent underwent a drastic weight loss of about 4 stones (that’s whopping 24 kgs) in just 9 weeks. That was for his role of a cancer-stricken football player in the movie Things Fall Apart. A liquid-only diet along with daily 3-hour treadmill walks helped him go from 214 pounds to a 160 pounds. (4.1)

2. Jordin Sparks

Source = Journalistate

An accomplished singer Jordin Sparks lost 50 pounds in more than 18 months and didn’t choose the quick pace for weight loss. For the starters, she took simple walks around her neighborhood and eventually increased her speed until she was all ready to scale the mountain near her home. And at the time of tour, she would turn to Zumba about which she says,

“The energy is so high I don’t have to run on a treadmill!”

3. Ricky Gervais

Source = Pkbaseline

The multi-talented much celebrated actor, writer, comedian, singer, director, producer and musician Ricky Gervais shed off just about 20 pounds. But it’s amazing to see how his body has changed. So what did he really do? He ran 3-4 miles around his London neighborhood and stopped having late night meals that he used to around 11.30 PM. Adding to that, by eating the healthier version of what he had been eating earlier also helped him greatly in getting into a good shape.

4. Jennifer Hudson

Source = Usmagazine

Jennifer Hudson’s dramatic weight loss became the talk of tinsel town back in 2010. This Grammy and Oscar-winning singer, actress and spokesperson had to lose huge amount of weight and so she did. She lost a whopping 80 pounds for her role of Nelson Mandela’s wife in the movie Winnie. The celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak ushered her through her workout sessions and the Weight Watchers program helped her cut down the calories.

Hudson later on went on to became the face of Weight Watchers. She went down 10 sizes, from size 16 to size 6. (4.2)

5. Alec Baldwin

Source = Pkbaseline

An American actor, writer, producer and comedian Alec Baldwin was diagnosed as a pre-diabetic and was also overweight. Not only did he lose his weight by 30 pounds but also dropped his sugar which he tweeted was “truly a battle”. In order to achieve that, he did Pilates, spinning and also wished to add some more yoga to his workout regime.

Baldwin had strictly said no to eating refined sugars, desserts, and sweets. Also, he also gave up on the major dose of carbohydrate ‘pasta’ that he used to have a fish-tank size bowl earlier.


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