20 Celebs’ Secret Weird Habits That'll Make You Think They're So Like Us

While you follow your favorite celebs for their style statement and dieting plans, the little you know about them is they also have weird habits off-camera.

5 years ago
20 Celebs’ Secret Weird Habits That'll Make You Think They're So Like Us

How often do you follow your favorite celebrity habits? You follow their hairstyle, diet plan, and more. You love the way they get into characters on-screen, but do you know just like us, they also have weird habits and sometimes pick their nose when no one is around.

Behind the curtains, they are also human and have weird habits which they can’t ignore. It is normal to do something that makes you comfortable even if it is weird to others. But, reading about the unusual habits of celebrities is sometimes shocking. So, here are several celebrities with weird habits that are hidden from fans.

Secret Weird Habits of Celebs That May Shock You

1. Nicolas Cage

Source = Forbes

While some people choose what to eat in breakfast or dinner based on the ingredients in the meal, the famous American director, actor, and producer Nicolas Cage decides his diet based on how the animals have sex. Yes, you read it right. He says fish are dignified with sex, so are birds. Nicolas also owns a pyramid tomb in St. Louis cemetery. Did you know about Nicolas’ this weird habit?

2. Jennifer Lawrence

Source = Washingtonpost

Don’t you find a baby sucking his thumb cute? But, how would you react if I say the gorgeous actress Jennifer Lawrence also sucks her thumb? Don’t be shocked; you should do everything that helps you to get through a bad day. Maybe she feels good when she sucks thumb like a baby.

3. Pamela Anderson

Source = Therahnuma

You might have heard of phobia from cockroaches, heights, chocolates, or ants. But do you know the bombshell Pamela Anderson has a phobia of mirrors? Yes, she never sees a mirror because she is scared of her reflection. I wonder how she does her makeup.

4. Cameron Diaz

Source = Hearstapps

The popular actress Cameron Diaz who attracted millions of people by her beauty and charm has a strange habit that is not known to her fans. She has OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which causes her to open doors with elbows and not fingers. She does this to avoid spreading germs and bacteria. Do you know anyone with the same OCD?

5. Steve Jobs

Source = Biography

Steve Jobs was homeless when he was struggling for his career. He has inspired people to work hard and fight for their dreams. Do you know why Steve Jobs’ skin color turned orange? The reason is he used to eat so many carrots that his skin took an orange tone. Very few people know that Steve was famous for eating carrots as many as he could. I guess he has never tasted any other food!

6. Honore de Balzac

Source = Newyorker

Are you coffee addicted? Chances are your coffee cups are not even close to that of famous novelist Honore de Balzac. This famous French person consumed over 50 cups of coffee each day while writing La Comedie Humaine. In an article published in a magazine in 1980, he revealed how he treated the drink. He wrote-

“This coffee falls into your stomach, and straightway there is a general commotion.”

He further added-

“Ideas begin to move like the battalions of the Grand Army of the battlefield, and the battle takes place. Things remembered arrive at full gallop, ensuing to the wind.”

7. Britney Spears

Source = Etonline

The diva who attracted millions of people by her songs and glamor has a weird habit of biting her nails. Britney Spears who began her career in 1990 went through hard times in her life but came up stronger and successful than before. Very few of her fans know that the singer is suffering from Onychophagia, a nervous behavior that occurs in people when they are hungry or simply bored.

Have you ever seen a close-up shot of Britney Spears? No? The reason is the diva avoids close up shots as she cannot bite the nails at that time. I wonder how she controls this habit when she performs on the stage.

8. Bill Gates

Source = Incimages

The founder of Microsoft has a bizarre habit like other celebrities on the list. It was once published that Bill Gates reads a book to fall asleep. If not a whole book, he reads a few pages to fall asleep. I don’t think so this is a weird habit. Reading a book before sleep should come into the category of a good habit.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Source = Yimg

What do you think is the safest and the fastest means of transport? It is obviously, air transport. The popular actress Jennifer Aniston has a weird habit connected to planes.

Do you know before each boarding, the actress makes sure that she crosses the threshold of the plane with her right foot? I can’t call this a weird habit, but it looks like she believes in the superstitions.

Sometimes I think celebrities are normal people like us and it is okay to be weird. Do you know Jennifer is also known for having the most beautiful calf muscles in the world?

10. Eminem

Source = Eldonnews

When was the last time you saw Eminem making headlines? Recently when he released his song? He is one of the artists who avoids scandal and makes headlines when he releases an album.

Do you know this artist has a weird habit of checking all the windows when he comes in his room to sleep? He cannot fall asleep if he doesn’t check the door and windows. Is he scared of sleeping alone? I don’t know, but maybe he does this to have a good rest without any disturbance. He also has another weird habit of sleeping in a room with black walls. Do you know the reason behind this habit?

11. Brad Pitt

Source = Cbsistatic

Brad Pitt has a weird habit of not taking showers for weeks. Once his stink was so unbearable that his co-star Eli Roth taught him how to stay clean with baby wipes. Another fun fact is Brad Pitt doesn’t use soaps when he takes showers because he finds them toxic.

12. Megan Fox

Source = Hellomagazine

Megan Fox, a popular actress, admitted that she forgets to flush after she poops. Her friends always complain about this disgusting habit. She is also known to be one of the celebrities who can’t get along with anybody.

13. Jessica Simpson

Source = Etonline

The famous face Jessica Simpson brushes her teeth only thrice a week. On the other days, she cleans her teeth with a piece of cloth. Do you know any person with similar kind of habit?

14. Tom Cruise

Source = Pmchollywoodlife

Do you know why Tom Cruise doesn’t look as old as his age? He is 56 years old but looks like in the ’30s. The reason is he spends a lot of time on himself and puts all his energy in maintaining his skin. While other celebrities go to the gym to shape their body, Tom Cruise believes in nightingale poop facials. His facial mask involves nightingale poop with water and rice bran. Tell us, would you apply this as a face mask?

15. Leonardo Da Vinci

Source = Biography

The famous writer, architect, painter, and an engineer Leonardo Da Vinci was an animal lover and one of the famous vegetarians. He was an all-rounder, an ambidextrous, and there’s nothing he did not do. But his sleeping habit was unusual than normal people. After research, he started following the polyphasic sleep cycle. When people take 7-8 hours of sleep, Vinci took short naps every 24 hours.

16. Catherine Zeta-Jones

Source = S-nbcnews

Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones brushes her teeth with strawberries. Yes, you read it right. I thought people use different flavored toothpaste to clean their teeth, but this actress’ habit is a surprise to many. I don’t know about cleaning teeth with strawberries, but I like strawberry smoothies. Strawberries clean teeth but what about cavities then? Does she use a different fruit to fight cavities?

17. Katy Perry

Source = Etonline

The popular singer Katy Perry is known for her white smile and blue hairs. But do you know what makes her teeth look so white every time? The diva carries nearly 18 toothbrushes in her bag and brushes her teeth 7-8 times a day. Wow! What a commitment. I wonder how she gets so much time and doesn’t feel awkward brushing after every 3-4 hours.

18. Johnny Depp

Source = Fortunedotcom

A man of talent Johnny Depp has the weirdest habit of playing with barbies in his free time. When actors like him spend their free time in uploading stories on social networks, Johnny Depp loves spending his spare time with barbies. I don’t know what and how he plays with them, but this is his strange habit must say.

19. Wayne Rooney

Source = Independent

A football player, Wayne Rooney has a strange habit of turning on the vacuum when he goes to sleep. He can’t sleep without the noise. I close every window and door in my house when I go to sleep so that no noise could enter my room.

20. Paris Hilton

Source = Thenypost

An American model, actress, fashion designer, businesswoman, and socialite Paris Hilton makes a wish at exactly 11:11.

I want to know does her wish gets fulfilled? If yes, I would start making a wish at the same time from tomorrow onwards. Moreover, she also knocks on wood regularly. I am still searching for the reason behind her this habit.

Final Words

Celebrities are known for their talent, beauty and, charm. They often share their relationship status, weight loss and weight gain stories with their fans. It is easy to believe that celebrities are rich and don’t have weird habits.

But now you know they are just like us and hide their unusual habits from the outside world. So, next time when someone says I am a big fan of Nicolas Cage, ask him/her do you know about his weird habit? You can feel happy that celebrities are like you, and being rich has no connection with weird or bizarre habits.

Do you know any other celebrity having an unusual habit? Drop your comments below.


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