10 Most Famous Girls With Blue Hair

Blue Hair color was once in fashion. When most famous girls tried to color their hair in blue shades. The humans do not have th...

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10 Most Famous Girls With Blue Hair

Blue Hair color was once in fashion. When most famous girls tried to color their hair in blue shades. The humans do not have the pigmentation which can result in the blue hair color. Thus the color of their hair was turned blue with the help of hair dyes and hair shades. The trend became popular in 2007 when the girls colored their hair. Since then many of the girls wanted to color their hair in blue shades. 

Blue color marked the beginning of new hair shades. Models, celebrities, and other girls experimented with their hair to have a blue hue. The blue color became the new style for other to copy it. Many fans and followers started liking them in a new style. The trend of crazy hair color continues in the market. Some humans are born naturally with blue-black hair which appears blue in the hue light. Let's see some of the famous girls with blue hair.

1) Juliette Lewis

Source = Jxs

The Oscar nominated actress has changed her rock hair color to the shiny blue color. The actress has always tried to have something different on screen thus created liberties with her looks. She is known for her unique looks and amazing personality.

2) Katy Perry

Source = Playbuzz

Katy Perry was seen with a blue color wig in her music video which was the biggest hit in the summer. She has also been spotted with the hair transformations. She has always been seen in a new hairstyle. Giving herself a splendid appearance. The American singer has applied almost every hair color. Be it rainbow colors to grey and brown. She is basically known for her style all over the world.

3) Kate Hudson

Source = Anomalousme

Kate Hudson is known for her role in romantic comedy Bride Wars. She was seen in her blue in the movie when her character was about to get married. She claimed to be the only bride with such a different hair color on her special day. Her hair color looks more of a sapphire stone.

4) Gwen Stefani

Source = Vice

Gwen Stefani wanted to make her presence known at the event. She is spotted in her blue looks at MTV Movie Awards in 1998. Changing trends and being a stylish icon for others, the actress tries to maintain her looks. This is what makes her with tremendous fun.

She is one of the most wonderful plunk-singer, ska-dancing lead singer. She is also known as the style icon.

5) Kate Winslet

Source = Pinimg

Kate Winslet accustomed the audience with her appearance in the period films, Iris and sense, and sensibility in 2004. She was seen in her variety of hair colors in the industry. Her blue look graced the occasion at the film's promotion. She said she would have love to color her hair but she used wigs instead of coloring her hair. As she was seen in red in the morning and blue in the evening.

6) Selena Gomez

Source = Indiatvnews

Selena Gomez is popular actress and singer. She got fame for her leading role in Disney. She was looking adorable in her blue hair. She took a change from her auburn hair. She was looking ravishing in Royal Hair. But instead of dying, she put length extensions to maintain her healthy hair. She tried this to brighten up her looks. She did it to show her fun looks at the tour. She is one of the famous youth icons.

7) Lady Gaga

Source = Deviantart

Lady Gaga is the popular American singer, song writer, and famous actress. She always experiments with her new music ideas and images. Her constant experiments, she even applies with her looks.

She has tried ample of colors from solid shades to classic colors, from turquoise mermaid hair to gorgeous blue. She looks magnificent in whatever new, she tries.  She has transformed her audience perception of not trying out with new things.

8) Kat Graham

Source = Katerinagraham

Fashion beauty Kate Graham, famous star of Vampire Diaries. Some people try black, brown reddish but she has appeared in her blue hair looks in July 2013. She put a wig of blue color whenever she played the role of Bonnie in Vampire's Diary. But still people and his followers like her with her blue Looks. Thus she got successful in capturing the audience.

9) Cher Lloyd

Source = Sammaffiaonline

Cher Lloyd is an English Singer, song writer, and popular model. She was seen hiding her new electrifying look under her hat. But she was not shy as she was seen with her new appearance while posting pictures. She was wearing a casual dress so that all the focus goes on to her new blue hairs. But match her blue looks she added a red martin boots making her new outfit for others to follow.

10) Maya Diab

Source = Cdninstagram

The famous singer is known for her bold style. She surprised her fans by dying her hair in blue color. In her Blue looks is was became popular as "The Blue Girl". Other stated that she is trying to intimate Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. She is a pop star, actress, and a television Personality. She won many prestigious fashion beauty awards for her looks and appearances.


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