Beautiful It Is! You Can't-Miss This Yellow Cardinal Picture In Alabama Woman’s Backyard

‘One in a million’ mutation yellow cardinal captured in Alabama in Woman’s backyard.

6 years ago
Beautiful It Is! You Can't-Miss This Yellow Cardinal Picture In Alabama Woman’s Backyard

If you are an avid wildlife photographer, here’s something gorgeous addition to your bucket list. A yellow cardinal, extremely rare and the beautiful bird is frequently spotted in Alabama. It was all started when Alabaster Alabama named Charlie Stephenson observed this incredibly beautiful and unusual bird in January. She was just looking out into her backyard and witnessed the pleasure of this rare sight.  Well, the Northern Cardinal is usually red, but the yellow color of this bird is due to rare mutation.

————————————————————— Rare Yellow Cardinal (Documented on February 18, 2018 in Alabaster, Alabama) ————————————————————— This yellow cardinal displays a rare mutation that causes the metabolic process to produce a different type of pigment than the typical red coloration seen in Northern Cardinals. According to Geoffrey Hill, a biologist from Auburn University, this mutation is so rare that only one is typically seen/documented each year in the United States. ————————————————————— To see more work please check out: ————————————————————— • Please tag in any reposts • Don’t crop the watermark in any reposts © 2018 Jeremy Black Photography

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According to the Professor Hill who is a researcher and a bird curator, a cardinal is a male and a rare bird which is never been seen in person. Moreover, it is a genetic mutation that causes it to have vibrant yellow feathers instead of bright red.

Stephenson said that this bird is a frequent visitor to her backyard feeder. Jeremy Black who is a professional photographer has captured some of the brilliant shots of the bird that are going viral on the net.

Every time we've looked for him, he'll show up at least once a day"

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