A Quick Look At The Exceptional Breed of The Dinosaur - Pachycephalosaurus

With the unique characteristics like being a single skull and having thick bones, Pachycephalosaurus is considered an exceptional breed of dinosaur. Keep on reading here to know more about Pachycephalosaurus.

6 years ago
A Quick Look At The Exceptional Breed of The Dinosaur - Pachycephalosaurus

Dinosaurs, probably one of the mysterious creatures in the world, are a diverse group of reptiles that have received much attention in the field of Zoology. A lot of breeds of dinosaurs exist and Pachycephalosaurus is one of them.

Basically, Pachycephalosaurus is a Greek word that means thick-headed lizard. It was a medium-sized dinosaur that lived in the universe around 75 million years ago during Cretaceous period.

The presence of this dinosaur in the history was discovered in 1938 by William Winkley in Montana. Its fossils have been retrieved from North America and Canada. We can say that the fossils belonged to Maastrichtian age which is quite close to the Cretaceous period. Like other animals, this dinosaur also has some special facts. Scroll down to discover tem.

1) Were Pachycephalosaurus Herbivorous Or Insectivorous?

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Pachycephalosaurus is an exceptional breed of the dinosaur that was known to be herbivorous or insectivorous, meaning they ate plants. Unlike other dinosaurs, their teeth were small and sharp and they love to eat plants, fruits and seeds. Also, it’s believed that their teeth were not tough enough to handle some hard food item or plant and that’s why they eat soft plants and fruits.

2) Pachycephalosaurus’ Skull

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Pachycephalosaurus was a unique genus of dinosaur with its special characteristics being a single skull and extremely thick skull roof. It’s pretty shocking to uncover that its skull was about 10 inches thick. In general, if we talk about the human skull, both men and women have an average skull thickness of 6.5 and 7.1 millimeters respectively.

Though they had quite a strong skull, it was not much resistant to injuries. According to the studies, this genus of dinosaur also suffered from Cranial Trauma.

3) Size

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When it comes to dinosaurs, we often begin sketching some giant and huge image of a wild animal. Well, the scientists have discovered that on the basis of skull fossils, the size of the Pachycephalosaurus was not that huge but it was moderate. Researchers have discovered its length to be around 14-16 feet and weight about 1000 pounds.

4) Structure & Shape

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This genus of dinosaur was quite prominent in the field of zoology, may be, because of its extremely thick cranial bones. They had thick and strong bone structure, though they were quite flat in their growing years and later developed a dome shape as they matured.

5) Habitat

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The research said that they lived in a coastal region like North America. As we have discussed in the above-mentioned segment, the presence of the pachycephalosaurus was determined in 1938 by William Winkley in Montana. It became evident because of the fossils that were found in North America, proving that they used to live in the Woodland of North America.

6) Cousin Of Micropachycephalosaurus

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Pachycephalosaurus are known to be the cousin of Micropachycephalosaurus, another breed or genus of ceratopsian dinosaur. Like the Pachycephalosaurus dinosaur, they also lived in the late Cretaceous period.

7) Fighting Behavior

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It’s believed that the Pachycephalosaurus would strike each other with their skull, especially males. At first, they strengthen their heads and necks horizontally in order to transmit stress during the force. The studies have revealed about their fighting behavior based on the healed fractures found on their fossils.

So, these were some fascinating points related to this breed of dinosaur. This breed of dinosaur is not clearly described by its fossils yet. It will be interesting to explore more facts about this exceptional breed of the dinosaur.


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