8 Ways To Detect Bed Bugs At Your Home

Do you ever felt insects have bitten you at night? If yes, then there might be a possibility of hidden bed bugs inside bed or cushions. They are a tiny creature who are difficult to find.

6 years ago
8 Ways To Detect Bed Bugs At Your Home

Are you among those who woke up in the morning with bites on your body then you might have bed bugs at your home. These creatures are furious and can hide at places where you cannot even think of. So it is better to know about them beforehand so that you can protect yourself from sucking your blood by a bug.

Here are some measures by which we can find or distinguish that tiny creature known as bed bugs:

1) Tiny Creatures

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Bed bugs are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eyes. But that doesn't mean that they are microscopic. They are pretty much small in size. Bed bug nymph is approximately the size of poppy seeds. Their eggs are pinhead small that they would require a microscope for looking at.

A bed bug can grow to the 1/8th-inch size and looks like the lentils of apple or other fruits.

2) Bed Bugs Live In Mattresses

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They live in mattresses so that they can be close to the person as they feed on the blood of the people. And mattress is the best place to hide as a person spend most of its time in bed at night.

They are mostly found in the holes, crevices, and corners of the mattress. Therefore they are known as Bed Bugs.

3) Other Locations Where They Hide

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Other common locations for bugs to hide are cracks, crevices, corner of the rooms, window, gaps between the wall outlets, floor moldings, curtains, couches, wallpaper, door moldings, chairs, carpet edges and much more.

They try to hide in areas where they are less likely to be found then the areas which are common and known. If they are in large population then they disperse themselves at various places.

4) Easily Transportable

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Bed bugs can hide inside the suitcase which you opened in the hotel during the tour or vacations. When you will open it you will not be able to judge and identify their presence but they might scrawl and get inside your house.

So better be aware of such situations beforehand so that you may not have to face their terror at home at night.

5) Appearance Of Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs are small, flat, wingless and are in reddish brown color who gets swollen up after the blood meal. They are found in white to brown but they turn rusty red as soon as they feed human blood.

Adult bed bugs have a darker appearance at their back. They have six legs along with two antennas. Their legs are present close to the head and eyes.

6) See Bed Bug Excrement

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Look everywhere in the house for the dark spots from furniture to curtains and textiles to walls. This is another way to find their existence.

Wherever you will find the dark spots those places are active for infestation. So it would be advisable to stay away from them.

7) Scan Your Body’s Bite Marks

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Bed bugs are active at night, you may wake up with an itchy sensation. It can bite anywhere on the body but there are some places which are a common site for them which include the face, hand, neck, and arms. Blisters, red spots, continuous itching all are some signs of bed bugs bite.

8) Look For Reddish Stains In Home

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Whenever you clean or change the linens, bedsheets or cushion covers check out all the areas properly so that you can use the remedy to remove bed bugs from the house and protect your things from getting dirty and infected.

Reddish stains can be anywhere on walls or on beds, therefore better be aware.

These are some of the ways which will help you detect the bed bugs and if you find them contact the pest control immediately.


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