8 of the Most Abused & Mistreated Dog Breeds in the World

Many of you probably want to unfold about abused dogs; they are different because they have trust issues due to their traumatic experience and may due to an unhealthy environment they reside in.

6 years ago
8 of the Most Abused & Mistreated Dog Breeds in the World

Ask any individual out there which pet they really like and most of them will probably tell you that it is none other than a DOG. No wonder, Dogs are pretty known as ‘man’s best friend’. But, only the lucky ones!

Few dogs are really lucky because they often got so much love, food, shelter and emotional care from their owner and people live around them. But, what about the remaining dogs?

You might be heard about Children abused, they often suffer from emotional breakdown and behavior problems when they are brought up in an abusive and dreadful home. But do dogs? Sadly the answer is YES.

Whether it is a physical abused, lack of food, verbal abused or emotional abuse, the topic of Dog Abused or mistreated really needs coverage.

Certainly, we all love dogs and want them all; but there are certain breeds that belong to the abused category because of their health issues, unattractive looks, anxiety issues, traumatic experiences, lack of shelter and sanitation and lot more.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t own them? Well surely not, but the truth is these dogs breed often ignored by human beings and even barely people adopt them. Find out 8 most abused dog breeds belongs to this category.

1) Chihuahua

Source = Wikipedia

You're probably wondering why we put Chihuahua on this list, right? Well, no one really wants to see them in this list but despite being the smallest, cutest and disciplined dog breed they are included in this list because shelters are the big issue with them. These tiny dogs end up in shelters due to overpopulation for some biting incidents. They have high temperament issues and known for being not so good with kids. Due to these reasons hardly people adopt them. (1.1)

2) Chinese Crested/Chihuahua Mix Breed

Source = Independent

Chinese Crested/Chihuahua Mix Breed dogs are another name on the list. You might be heard about Elwood he belonged to this breed and holds the title of world’s ugliest dog, which is like ridiculous. Not all abuse dogs leave with visible physical scars, health issues, trust issues and any other violent treatment. There are some dogs who often ignored by people because of their looks. This is so sad how people can judge a dog because he holds the title of world’s ugliest dog.

Although, there are few people adopt them and treat them in a really good way but obviously, the number is not that big and because of their looks this dog breed often neglected and abused. (1.2)

3) Greyhound

Source = Wikipedia

The Greyhounds is a popular breed of dog highly recognized because of their speed and agility, have a short span of life. They are very much into racing careers, athletic games, and hunting. Due to these qualities they are pretty admired but, this is also a big reason people do not keep them in their the homes.

Although many states have ban dog racing still there are few states. There are many rescue groups exist to help these dogs but when it comes to the shelter they have to face a lot. (1.3)

4) Husky

Source = Dogshowpictures

These beautiful medium size working dog breed originated in north-eastern. Due to their tough looks and wild features, they often neglected for adopting purpose.

Some even said that these are not domestic enough for human cohabitation. But, this is not true, even these breed can make a good pet. Many of these dogs found tied outside in extremely hot and cold conditions. These dogs are highly social and friendly with other dogs. Despite these characteristics, they often mistreated by human beings.

5) Labrador Dogs

Source = Wikipedia

The Labrador Retriever, or Labrador, is one of the most prominent breeds of the dog. It is commonly found in homes and they are quite famous for their gentle and mild attitude. They are considered to be excellent family dogs because of their good behavior and their friendly attitude makes them much loved across the world. But, the sad part is Labradors are found abandoned or we can say that people take them for granted.

It has been noticed that these dogs get bored easily and become destructive and aggressive because the family has no time for their pet. People want to adopt a gentle and friendly dog but after that few of them just start ignoring them like Labrador Retriever breed. (1.4)

6) Galgo

Source = Wikipedia

Galgos are also known as Spanish greyhounds, is the ancient breed of dogs. Although, there are so many dogs breed famous for their amazing attributes but Galgo become popular for the type of cruelty they face. It’s really sad to know that Galgo hunting is really famous in Spanish hunting tradition.

Every year Spanish hunters assault and kill over thousands of Galgo dogs. Many groups around the world try to protect them but still, this event happens every year. (1.5)

7) Pit Bull

Source = Wikipedia

Pit Bull was the most beloved dog belongs to America. This dog breed used for cruel illegal dog fighting rings and ostracized by the media which like really sad.

This fighting attribute has increased people's fear about this very affectionate and athletic dog breed. Even in 2011, animal welfare organization PETA declared Pit Bull to be the most abused dog breed in the world. (1.6)

8) Chinese Crested Hairless Dog Breeds

Source = Wikipedia

The Chinese crested dog is a hairless breed of dog, often known as the ugliest dog in the world. There was dog named Sam was belongs to this breed he was got the world’s ugliest dog award in 2003–2005. Like Chinese Crested/Chihuahua Mix Breed they also often mistreated because of their looks. There are some people who treated them good but majority of dogs have to face trouble.

Nothing is worse than mistreating a animal. People should realize it that they have life too and they are not born to being assaulted and killed. To avoid this horribly heartbreaking scenario, people need to put their voice and say which is right for them.

Off-chance you witness or suspect animal cruelty then, do not neglect instead animal’s voice and try to  get them out of its abusive situation immediately. (1.7)


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