15 Best Clicks of Cats: Aren’t They Highly Dramatic?

Are you a cat lover? Then you will surely enjoy watching these 15 hilarious as well as most dramatic pictures of our 4-legged friends ‘CATS.’

5 years ago
15 Best Clicks of Cats: Aren’t They Highly Dramatic?

There is a beautiful cat saying,

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” ― Ernest Hemingway

Can't agree more! Our 4-legged friends ‘cats’ are incredibly talented actors who show a wide range of emotions. They are brilliant expression makers. No wonder, cats are widely considered to be the cool and cute overlords of the internet.

Though some people do prefer dogs to other pet counterparts, there is this one fact which can’t be denied, and that is: “Cats can have just as much, if not more, attitude than dogs.” And of course cats make hilarious photos, dogs don’t!

Well, there’ll be no doubt in your mind that cats pack quite the personality punch after you look through these 15 hilarious pictures!

1. Is She Scared?

Source = Imgur

A cat with a scared look on its face looking over a fence seems like she has seen some ghost. Isn’t it?

2. This Cat is Showing Off Her Bow, Right?

Source = Shopify

Oh, yea! She is totally showing off her special little bean through the glass.

3. Inquisitive Cat!

Source = Pinimg

No doubt, the face of an inquisitive cat is probably the cutest thing in the entire world. Even this big and innocent eyes with fluffy bodies will melt you very easily.

Well, would you ever stay mad at someone this cuter?

4. Even Cats Do Enjoy Nature!

Source = Cdninstagram

Oh seeing her chilling like this, makes me chill. Isn't it?

5. Copy Cat!

Source = Imgur

OMG! Doesn’t it look like the cat is copying a human in watching a TV?

6. Saddest Cat Ever!

Source = Cwcrazypet

Doesn't this exactly look like you've just finished your whole work and suddenly your boss brings in another pile, saying "make it done by tomorrow." What say?

Oh! By the way that's Luhu, the saddest cat ever, who also breaks stereotypes and shows that not all cats are happy with their easy lives. Some cats are downright miserable like Luhu. Well, even after being this sad, Luhu brings plenty of joy to her 172k Instagram followers. Yes, you read it right! She has a huge number of Instagram followers.

Follow her on Instagram here: lanlan731

7. How Dare You!

Source = Blogspot

It’s ‘clearly offensive’ or snooty look you give to someone when they’re trying to surpass you at something. And, that look which says, “How dare you?”

8. Twin Cats!

Source = Brightside

Don’t they match 100%?

9. Please, Get Me In!

Source = Honesttopaws, Fotocdn

As it’s highly raining outside, someone closed the shop, but by mistake, they left one important little member of the family outside. And, it looks like he’s screaming to get back in. Please, Someone, do that!

10. Again, Cat Proved to be a ‘Copy Cat!’

Source = Gallery

Sitting like this, cat believes she is no less than a tiger.

11. Royal Look!

Source = Pinimg

Look at the elegance at his face. Fabulous!

12. What is the Cat Thinking?

Source = Narvii

The most unexpected look of the cat. Seriously, what this cat could be pondering? Most likely, the cat is finding the innovative ways to trap mice. Am I right?

13. Tired Cat!

Source = Ipstatp

No wonder, cats are introvert and happy to fall asleep just about anywhere, no matter how comfortable or uncomfortable they might look. And, especially, when a cat is tired, they’ll be more likely to sleep carelessly, anywhere.

14. Can I Eat This!

Source = Ipstatp

That look, Oh My God! Please let the cat eat that ice cream!

15. No Wonder, Cats Hate Dogs!

Source = Pinimg

Dogs are always trying to impress and fight for attention. Whereas, cats don’t seem to care what we think about them as much. But it is clearly seen, the cat is completely unimpressed with this dog’s efforts for attention. Ugh!

Final Thoughts

Hence, we have seen the hilarious pictures of cats. All of these funny cat pictures were taken at the right moment. It’s utterly amusing to chase our pet cats around with cameras all the time. And no doubt they also enjoy the attention either way.

It is well said, by Sigmund Freud,

“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”

Hope you liked them


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