15 Astounding Facts About Fierce African Elephants

Big ears, two tusks, and a huge trunk are the distinctive features of an elephant - the largest land animal on Earth. Elephants are cl...

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15 Astounding Facts About Fierce African Elephants

Big ears, two tusks, and a huge trunk are the distinctive features of an elephant - the largest land animal on Earth. Elephants are classified into three extant species namely African bush elephant, African forest elephant, and Asian elephant. Unlike their cousin Asian elephants, the African elephants are distinguished have large “Africa-shaped” ears and a single-domed head.  

Here are 15 amazing facts about gargantuan African elephants.

1. African Elephants are the Largest Terrestrial Animal on Earth

Source = Endangeredlist

The African bush elephant is the largest living land animal and the African forest elephant is the third-largest. According to San Diego Zoo, the largest elephant on record was an African elephant. It weighed 10,886 kg and was 13 feet tall (from shoulders to feet).

2. One Can Easily Tell If It’s an African Elephant By Looking at Its Ears

Source = Monarchtaxidermyinc

The large ears of African elephants look like a map of an African continent.

3. The African Elephants Have Two Fingers at Its Trunk’s Ends

Source = Wikimedia

It has two distinct finger-like things at its tips which it uses for picking up and manipulating small objects. (1.1)

4. They Have a Single Dome Head

Source = Staticflickr

African elephants are known to have more fuller and rounded heads. Their head looks like a single dome.

5. They Can be Spotted Throughout Africa

Source = Pcwallart

African elephants can’t be domesticated easily. From sub-Saharan Africa to the rainforests of central and West Africa, they are found almost throughout the African continent. The elephants live in Mali’s Sahel desert of northern Africa.

6. Both Female & Male African Elephants Have Tusks

Source = Nationalgeographic

All African elephants, whether male or female, have tusks. They use them for fetching food and water. Also, the males use their tusks for battling with one another.

7. The African Elephants are Categorized as Vulnerable in IUCN Red List

Source = Africanconservation

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, nearly 470,000 African elephants are currently there around the world. (1.2)

8. They are Incredibly Huge & Heavy

Source = Rackcdn

The African elephants are tallest at shoulders and have an average height of 8.2-13 feet. And its average weight ranges from 2.5 to 7 tons.

9. Over 50% African Elephants Have Been Wiped Out Since 1979

Source = Nbcnews

Though poaching of this enormous creature has declined in some parts and trading of its ivory tusks (meat and skin as well) has been made illegal, they are still being poached illegally. Since 1979, more than 50% Asian elephants have died out.

10. Their Skin is More Wrinkled

Source = Nationalgeographic

The skin of African elephants is more wrinkled and less hairy than Asian elephants.

11. They Can Travel 30 Miles at Stretch

(Video Credits: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo)

These amazing creatures can swim for up to 6 hours straight without touching the bottom. And they can travel as far as 48 km (30 miles) at speeds of up to 2.1 km/h (1 mph).

12. The African Elephant’s Trunk is Heavily Ringed

Source = Pinimg

The trunk of the African elephant is heavily ringed and isn’t as hard as the Asian elephant’s trunk.

13. Their Lower Lips are Short & Round

Source = Blogspot

The African elephants, unlike their Asian cousins, have short and round lower lips.

14. They Love Eating Tree Leaves

Source = Rackcdn

The African elephants are more likely to feed on the leaves and branches of bushes and trees. However they also eat grass, fruits and bark.

15. Toenails Vary in Two Different Species of African Elephants

Source = Guidingcuriosity

African forest elephant and African savannah elephant, the two species of African elephants, have a variation in toenails. The African forest elephant has 5 on front feet and 4 on back feet whereas the African savannah elephant has 4 on front and 3 on back.


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