Top 10 Effective Workouts to Shed Most Calories in a Day

Learn the best and easiest workouts to burn calories. Not only morning workouts are best, but doing exercise in the evening also keeps you fit and fine.

5 years ago
Top 10 Effective Workouts to Shed Most Calories in a Day

Are you trying to burn calories but not ready to hit the gym? If you ever have been confused which workout is best to burn extra calories, you are not alone. Everyone out here is looking for the most effective workout plan to live the healthiest as possible.

Whether you are planning to do the workout at home or anywhere outside, we have compiled the best calorie-blasting workouts for you. 

Here are some best workout plans according to science that you should follow to burn calories, say goodbye to lethargic life and stay healthy.

Workouts that Burn the Most Calories

1. Fast Paced Running

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Running is one of the simplest exercises a human can do, mainly because it does not need any equipment not even shoes. According to a study, running for an hour burns nearly 1075 calories per hour. If you are a beginner and want to burn calories, running is the best cardio workout to start with. Running at a steady pace burns the extra calories of the day. As you get even stronger, keep on increasing the distance and time to your workout for better results. 

Make sure that when you start this workout, you make it a habit and find a way to enjoy it so that you can keep it for the long term. During your workout, make sure that you do not commit these mistakes while running

If running is not your type,  several other workouts can help you burn calories at a faster rate.

2. Taekwondo

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Do you know martial arts exercises are the best way to lose weight? It burns over 950 calories per hour for a 200-pound individual. People trying to burn calories would likely experiment with several diets, but taekwondo burns the most calories in fewer days.

According to a study, one hour of taekwondo practice equals to 3 hours of walking, 16 hours of sleeping, 2 hours of golf and 13 hours of watching TV. Taekwondo develops powerful torso muscles, boosts self-esteem and also increases your flexibility. It not only burns calories but also helps in relieving stress and teaches self-defense. If you are a beginner in martial arts, here are some basic martial arts styles of self-defense you should know.

3. Swimming

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Swimming is without any question the best exercise for the body. It helps to lose weight, burn calories and gives the cardiovascular system an excellent workout. To continue seeing results, keep your routine fresh and workout in different ways. Swimming makes every muscle group work and ultimately makes your body fit. A 200-pound individual burns more than 400 calories during an hour-long swim.

You burn more calories when you do freestyle stroke. But it is not necessary to do only freestyle swimming to burn calories; you can also prefer breaststroke to it. But remember if you are choosing breaststroke, you may have to swim for longer duration and frequency. If burning calories is your goal, you will want to create a diet plan that also gives you the energy to continue your workout.

If you are planning to visit the places with amazing swimming pools this summer, here are some wonderful places you must add on your list.

4. Jogging

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How quickly you burn calories by jogging depends on your jogging pace, how often you take jogging workouts and the duration of your workouts. The faster you jog, the more calories you burn. It is believed that a person weighing 200 pounds burns about 300 calories in only 30 minutes.

There are several apps available that can track your speed and the calories you will burn. But remember the devices or apps only give a rough estimate of your calorie burn. Jogging requires full body movement and challenges your cardiovascular system. You can estimate how fast you can burn calories/lose weight after you have an idea of how many calories you are burning daily.

5. Aerobics

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You can burn a good amount of calories while participating in aerobics for each day. Joining aerobic class is a great way to burn calories. According to a study, a 125-pound person can burn over 450 calories in an hour. 

Aerobic exercises burn more calories in comparison to anaerobic exercise. This may include dancing, running, jogging and more. Aerobics can be both fun and beneficial when it comes to toning muscle. It reduces asthma symptoms, lowers blood pressure, reduces chronic pain and, boosts mood, and strengthens the immune system. 

The amount of calories you burn by aerobics depends on your body weight. So next time when you plan of burning calories, start your workout with aerobics.  

6. Water Skiing

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Are you fond of water sports? If so, then you will be happy to know that aquatic sports are also considered as the best way to burn calories. Sports like water skiing use every muscle of the body and thus keep you healthy and happy. It also reduces the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, and diabetes. 

During the summer, have fun in the sun and also burn calories. Here are the best aquatic sports in the world you should try this summer. Have fun and also burn your calories.

The surface water sports needs balance while you are pulled by a boat. With arms continuously contracting, you will be working with biceps and forearms and ultimately a great workout to burn calories.

7. Basketball

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If you love playing basketball, you better play it more often because it is the best workout to burn calories. Believe it or not, but this sport burns a significant amount of calories and sheds unwanted pounds faster than any other sports. 

Basketball is fun, burns fat and teaches you how to be a good team player. The number of calories you burn while playing basketball depends on if you are playing for fun or competing against other players. It is believed that basketball burns over 730 calories an hour for a 200-pound person.

8. Mountain Climbers

Source = Livestrong

You don’t always need equipment to do the workout. Exercises like mountain climbers and jumping jacks are a great workout that burns the most calories in a short time. In this exercise, you get into the posture of a pushup and alternately step your feet toward your hands and burn lots of calories. A good mountain climbing posture is a secret to a killer body. You can also combine mountain climbers with any other exercise to burn over 400 calories in half-an-hour. 

Mountain climbers build upper body strength, increase your core strength and is great for the heart. Use the right muscles and perform the workout with accuracy and notice the results in a few days. It is recorded that 30 seconds of mountain climbers and ten deep slow squats burn enough calories.

Mountain Climbers is one of the simplest and convenient workouts that can be performed anywhere without any equipment. 

9. Indoor Cycling

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If you are planning to shed a few pounds with your new workout routine, workouts like indoor cycling can help you out in losing weight. Even though you are on Keto diet, indoor cycling is something which burns out calories plus builds muscles. It is reported that an hour of indoor cycling burns 450-500 calories. But the exact amount of calories burned while doing indoor cycling depends on how fast you are paddling, and how often you do this workout.

You can expect 35-40 minutes of indoor cycling as a great session for a workout. You may love bike riding, but indoor cycling keeps you relaxed as it prevents you from traffic. Doing the same type of ride every day won’t let your body to feel stress, so make sure that you switch the types of ride you do. Vary the intensity, increase speed and burn calories faster during the workout.

10. Jumping Rope

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Jumping rope is a great and effective calorie-burning exercise for those who want to lose body fat. Regular jumping rope workouts and a healthy eating plan can burn a significant number of calories. A 160-pound person can burn nearly 750 calories in 50-60 minutes of jumping rope.

Skipping rope improves heart rate, tones the muscles in your legs and lower body and improves bone density. There are so many martial artists and celebrities who prefer skipping in their daily routine.

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio workouts and is known to burn around 1400 calories/hour.

Concluding Thoughts   

Workouts are helpful and are effective resources for those seeking to lose calories. According to science, workouts can only be successful if there’s peer support. Apart from workouts, if you are looking for the best diet plans in 2019, here are the best diets you should follow for a healthy life.

Before you start planning for a workout, it is important to know the results of rigorous workout on your body. Sometimes intense workout may backfire and can cause stress and premature aging. 

No doubt a healthy life is an amazing combination of good nutrition and daily workout. But to take care of your health is your responsibility. So make sure that you commit and incorporate the workout plan for the long term. 

Tell us, which is your favorite workout to burn calories? Drop your comments below.


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