10 Surprising Ways How Mint as Herb is Beneficial for Health

Mint is, no doubt, the best herb that offers several health benefits. While sometimes, it is used in a meal to add flavor to boring recipes, other times it is used as a medicinal herb to treat stomach ache.

7 years ago
10 Surprising Ways How Mint as Herb is Beneficial for Health

What do you think a mint can be used for? It is a popular herb that is added in a dried or fresh form in several dishes to add flavor. It has the highest antioxidant capacity and is believed to have several health benefits. It has a pleasing aroma and is a great addition to the garden.

This sweet-smelling plant has a great anesthetic property and is a perfect ingredient for body-care products. Mint is added to drinks and dishes in Middle Eastern cuisines for its pleasant flavor. It is also added in several dishes ranging from sauces to hot mint tea and baked treats to mojitos.

While consuming plants in a diet offers several health benefits, it is believed that mint helps in making skin glow and reducing health risks. Let us read how mint can be used as herb and its possible health benefits.

1. Helps Irritable Bowel Syndrome

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It is a common digestive disorder. IBS can be characterized by several symptoms like bloating, stomach pain, and changes in bowel habits.

Peppermint oil contains methanol, which helps in reducing IBS symptoms through its effects on the muscles. According to a study, it is found that nearly 80% of patients who consume peppermint oil showed improvements in IBS.

2. Wonderful Herb for Nausea

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Nausea is another common disorder noticed in people. It is usually noticed during pregnancy time. So, it is suggested that women should take natural remedies like ginger tea or acupuncture because they are helpful.

The methanol in mint gives a cooling effect and reduces gas and cramping. Peppermint tea is the most common beverage used for nausea, but it is also available in capsules for oral intake.

3. Prevents Acne

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Mint is very beneficial for skin, as it helps in removing acne and scars. It contains salicylic acid, an anti-inflammatory agent that is used for removing clogged follicles. You can find mint in many skin peeling solutions and face wash. It also contains phenolics and flavonoids that have excellent antioxidant properties and remove harmful free radicals. It reduces inflammation, keeps skin soft, and prohibits bacterial growth.

You can also apply mint and banana pack, a mix of lemon and mint, and cucumber and mint scrub to remove acne and for glowing skin.

4. Improves Brain Functioning

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It is believed that inhaling the aroma of mint provides health benefits like improved brain functioning. Consuming mint improves memory, boosts alertness, and enhances your ability to solve problems. However, some studies suggest that the aroma of mint does not affect.

5. Best in Oral Care

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Do you know why most of the toothpaste comes in the mint base? Mint is the best breath freshener. It is a natural antimicrobial agent and inhibits bacterial growth inside the mouth. The vitamins and minerals in mint work together to ensure the strengthening of gums and teeth.

Mint is a kind of alkaline food that balances the bad effects of the acidic environment that is responsible for tooth decay. Also, chewing mint leaves helps in keeping the mouth fresh. In ancient times, the mint was kept on the teeth and gums to improve gum health. Mint has a germicidal property that kills bacteria and gives fresh breath in the long run.

6. Reduces Breastfeeding Pain

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It is noticed that breastfeeding mothers experience cracked nipples that make breastfeeding difficult. According to studies, applying mint on breasts can relieve pain linked with breastfeeding. One study showed that applying mint water after breastfeeding was more effective and resulted in less pain.

7. It Gives You Relief from Asthma and Cold

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People who suffer from asthma face severe attacks when there is a drop in temperature. While pumps and other medicinal practices help in relieving asthma, home remedies can do wonders for asthma without having side effects.

Take a drop of mint extract in warm water and inhale if you are asthmatic. Also, if you frequently suffer from cold, plant a mint outside your home to keep the diseases away from you.

8. Boosts Immune System

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In addition to antioxidant properties, mint provides several vitamins like Vitamin A and Vitamin C. The vitamins in the mint protects cells from getting damaged by removing free radicals that can cause damage to tissue.

Moreover, mint also helps in reducing chronic disease and severe cancers. It is also believed that several compounds in the mint are linked to treating tumors.

9. Alleviates Allergies

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Seasonal allergies affect people in several ways. Extracts of mint leaves are proved to be beneficial in these cases. It prohibits the release of chemicals that can aggregate the symptoms associated with allergies.

10. A Perfect Herb for Weight Loss

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Consumption of mint healthily loses the extra fat. It releases digestive enzymes to produce energy. Mint assures that fat doesn’t accumulate in the body and produces more energy. If you are looking for exercises to lose weight, check these weight loss tricks to get slimmer overnight.

Final Words

Mint is a healthy addition to many recipes. The next time when you fall ill, try these surprising use of mint to cure your problem. Have you ever used mint to relieve any health problem? Do you know any other benefits of mint? If yes, share them with us below.


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