11 Amazing Eggshell Benefits & Uses That Wouldn’t Let You Throw Them

You know that eggs are nutritious, but do you know that eggshells are also beneficial in many ways? Find out here.

4 years ago
11 Amazing Eggshell Benefits & Uses That Wouldn’t Let You Throw Them

Eggs are best known for their multiple health benefits and as a rich source of protein and calcium. You might like to eat eggs in boiled or scrambled form, or as an omelet, but what about the eggshells? What do you do with them? Do you throw them away just like most people do?

Well, after reading this, we hope that you would never make such a mistake as here we’ll tell you the many benefits and uses of eggshells. 

1. Can Fulfill Regular Intake of Calcium

A half tbsp of eggshell powder contains 1000 to 1500 mg calcium. And it can help satisfy more than 90% of your regular calcium intake, as recommended by the doctor for an adult. 

2. Helps Fertilize the Garden

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It helps in making your garden bloom. As a compost or potting soil, crushed eggshells act as organic pesticides. They prevent slugs, grubs, and snails from attacking your garden. And the smell of eggshells would keep critters away from your veggies.

3. Helps in Cleaning Home

You can squash eggshells and blend it with water to clean those dirty pans, pots, and hard stains. The ground eggshells act as an abrasive. Consider adding a little soap and water and start scrubbing. Also, you can place broken eggshells in your kitchen drain to catch additional food particles. Eventually, these shells break down and help to clean the pipes.

4. Used to Plant a Sapling

Growing a sapling in an eggshell is a biodegradable way of planting seeds. You can put soil in the clean shells and then plant the seeds. After that, plant them in the ground when they are ready. 

5. Treats High Blood Pressure

Source = Medical News Today

Eggshells are rich in calcium and thus help treat high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. 

6. Good for Bones & Teeth

Source = Healthy Options

Eating eggshells is beneficial for your bone health and teeth, as well as muscles and nerves. Finely crushed eggshell could be considered a type of protein powder/calcium supplement and can be mixed into smoothies, oatmeal, soups, coffee, or tea. As a great dose of calcium, you can consume it strengthen your teeth and bones.

7. Get Glowing Skin

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You can use eggshells as a face pack for glowing skin. What you can do is by using a mortar and pestle, crush a few eggshells until they become powdery. Now, prepare a mixture of this powder and egg whites and gently spread it onto your skin and let it dry. Wash it well after some time.

8. Good for Your Pet’s Health

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Make a fine powder of eggshells and sprinkle it over your pet’s meal to add extra calcium to its diet. As a great calcium supplement, it can help boost your pet’s bones and teeth. 

9. Sweetens Your Coffee

Source = Wikipedia

If you add some crushed eggshells to your coffee, it will make it taste a lot less bitter and also make it even richer in calcium. It is suggested to use broken pieces of eggshell in the coffee ground basket while preparing coffee. 

10. Used in Bone Broth and Stocks

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Eggshells are used in bone broth and stocks to add calcium to the mixture. Ensure that you strain it well!

11. DIY Sidewalk Chalk

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You can recycle eggshells to create colored sidewalk chalk. It is not only for kids and hopscotch but also for outdoor fitness sessions. 

Summing It Up

Calcium is an indispensable part of your nutrition and good health. So if you have a calcium deficiency, you can consider eggshells as it a great source. And eggshell has several benefits and other uses not only for humans but also for our pets. So next time, make sure that you don’t trash them!


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