Never Ignore! Headaches Can Be Dangerous- Know the Types

Every year about 12 million of peopl...

7 years ago
Never Ignore! Headaches Can Be Dangerous- Know the Types

Every year about 12 million of people in the world are wrongly diagnosed and it’s not a good number. The fundamental ailment to be wrongly diagnosed in the medical scene is a headache. Nobody can differ whether a headache is a simple tension headache due to fatigue and exhaustion of throughout the day or a hazardous life threatening disease.

Doctors have given an easy way of finding out the truth behind the kind of headache, its severity and time duration of your headache.

There are multiple types of headaches

A dull pain would be a signal of tension or sinus headache.

But some other types can be a little dangerous

A headache may occur as a result of a brain aneurysm, tumors or bleeding within the brain.

  1. A thunderclap headache

This headache starts suddenly and probably be worst in the first 60 seconds. It is agonizing and it could be a symptom of bleeding in the brain.

  1. Headache with blur vision

It’s a stroke sign and it could also be come with mental confusion and slurring of speech.

  1. Cluster headache

If your headache is simply limited to the area around one eye, it’s named as cluster headache. This is frequently accompanied with vomiting or nausea and comes as an effect of a brain aneurysm.

  1. Meningitis headache

A fever, headache and stiff neck are the typical signs of meningitis.

  1. Headaches getting worse after 24 hours

It is a symptom of an ongoing stroke in your brain that is getting worse so immediately visit an emergency room at your earliest.

  1. Headaches after an injury

A headache with other signs like mental confusion and dizziness could be as a result of an injury.

  1. A different type of headache

If you have a history of cancer disease and you suddenly experience an unusual kind of headache then it might be a signal of building cancer in the brain as a tumor.

  1. Exercise or sex induced headache

It indicates a brain tumor or an aneurysm

  1. Headaches after the age of 50

It can be dangerous and could indicate atherosclerotic variations in the large arteries of the brain.

Ensure that you are aware of the different symptoms and you take the required treatment before it gets too late.


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