7 Headache Home Remedies You Should Try if You Don’t Like Taking Painkillers

Headaches can feel like a hammer being hit to your head. You can alleviate this pain in your head by simple home remedies rather than taking painkillers.

7 years ago
7 Headache Home Remedies You Should Try if You Don’t Like Taking Painkillers

The headache can be a miserable experience for the people who face it. Whenever a headache occurs, people go for over-the-counter medications or pain killers for quick relief. But the thing is, pain killer drugs only subdue the symptoms and do not treat the underlying problem that is aggravating headache.

So rather than directly going to a doctor and taking medicines, you should try natural remedies that can effectively relieve your headache. Check out here the headache home remedies that can make you feel better in no time!

1. Yogurt

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Your brain requires calcium, and the lack of it causes headaches and makes it hard to function properly. For ensuring that you do not have calcium deficiency, you should have calcium-rich meals like fat-free yogurt and others. 

Yogurt has high levels of riboflavin, a part of the Vitamin B complex that is shown to decrease migraine attacks in people. It also helps improve the effectiveness of beta-blockers.

2. Spicy Foods

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Spicy foods may work effectively in case of headaches due to seasonal allergies. They can help reduce congestion and sinus pressure, which can thus help reduce a sore head. A registered dietitian Erin Palinski says-

"Depending on the type of headache, spicy foods may be helpful." 

She adds-

"If a headache is due to sinus congestion, spicy foods may help to decrease congestion and open the airways, helping to decrease pressure and the accompanying headache."

3. Lavender Lemonade

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The lavender has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and helps reduce headaches, while lemon is the most refreshing and effective ingredient that also helps decrease headaches. After these two are mixed to prepare lavender lemonade, you can drink it to reduce anxiety and headache.

Besides, the essential oil of lavender is usually used to relieve stress and feel relaxed. According to a study, people experienced a significant reduction in headache/migraine pain after only 15 minutes of inhaling the lavender oil.

4. Ginger

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Ginger is usually consumed by adding it in tea. If you like its taste, you can have it in raw form as well. It also helps with relieving nausea. In the case of migraines, ginger works by preventing the synthesis of prostaglandin - the imminent cause of the migraine. 

Also, if you get a tension headache or migraine attack, massage your forehead, temples, and back of the neck once or twice every day with diluted ginger oil. The oil’s aroma can have a therapeutic effect and prevent nausea.

5. Add Herbs and Fruits to Your Diet (Particularly During Summer Season)

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The herbs and fruits such as peppermint, lemon, and apple are a great addition to the diet, especially during summers. The scorching heat in the summer season aggravates the headaches by causing vomiting and nausea at times.

6. Capsicums

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According to the study, the capsicums have an active chemical called capsaicin. When it is applied inside the nose, it may help reduce the number and severity of cluster headaches. It is best to apply capsicum to the nostril, which is on the same side of the head where the headache is.

7. Cinnamon

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Cinnamon is a magical spice to improve your health and live longer. It is one of the best and most effective headache home remedies. Take cinnamon sticks and grind them into powder, and then add some water to create a thick paste. Put it on your temples and forehead and rest for some time.

This condiment can help relieve headaches, which accompany common cold or flu. Rich in manganese and calcium, it acts as a natural remedy to heal headaches and other health issues.


So now we know how the headaches can be reduced by trying some effective and powerful home remedies. Also, avoiding certain foods and drinks like caffeine, alcohol, night-colored vegetables, and dried fruits can help prevent headaches and are identified as headache triggers. Take care!


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