Have You Ever Thought! What’s Amazing about Banana Peels?

Do you love to eat bananas? ...

4 years ago
Have You Ever Thought! What’s Amazing about Banana Peels?

Do you love to eat bananas? Many of you will definitely say yes and many of you will say no, so let me ask another question this time. Do you like eating banana peels? Ha-ha-ha, I can understand, you want to kick me for asking this stupid question.

Definitely, you all will say no, but my banana peel haters, let me tell you something about the healthy and unique benefits of banana peels.

Banana peels help in improving your mood

Depression becomes a part of everyone’s life, it comes and goes. Banana peels have the ability to encourage serotonin that makes you feel happy and energized.

Look after your heart

Banana peel is richer in soluble or insoluble fiber like the banana pulp itself. These fibers are helpful in lowering cholesterol level and decreasing the risk of heart diseases.

Maintains your weight and keeps you slim and fit

Skin of the banana is loaded with nutrients and fibers and is low in calories. It protects the accumulation of additional pounds around your waistline.

Increase your potassium level

It is rich in potassium content, which helps in balancing the acid regulation in your body.

Get perfect sleep from banana peel

The skin of banana is rich in tryptophan compound which is a necessary amino acid to give get good night’s sleep.

Prevents diseases like cancer

It includes compounds that have the power to protect from the cells that cause cancerous tumors.

Guard Red Blood Cells from Breaking Down

These blood cells have the ability to deliver oxygen to your body tissues and banana peels help in guarding the breakage of red blood cells.

Enhances Vision

Lutein is the composite which improves the night vision and the banana skin is flooded with it. Thus it helps in enhancing your vision.


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