6 Valuable Things That Every New Mother Should Know About

Becoming a mother is the mos...

7 years ago
6 Valuable Things That Every New Mother Should Know About

Becoming a mother is the most precious and beautiful feeling in the world. Amongst all the strains and stress of recuperating from pregnancy, lies the amenability of caring for the baby and family. Every new mother needs to provide proper care to the baby and herself as well.

A few important advises for every new mother -

If your baby looks little dull, you should consult your doctor immediately.

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Newborn infants often suffer from the problem of jaundice. Jaundice should be treated as well as possible because it might even reason to the nervous breakdown.

Even fathers also suffer from postpartum depression.

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Research advises that one in 10 fathers suffer from dim to severe postpartum stress. It may affect the baby’s growth considerably as compared to mother’s stress. This means, you also need to take care of one more family member of yours.

Don’t worry! If your child is still breastfeeding after a year, this is the time for change.

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Undoubtedly, breastfeeding is the most nutritious for the growing infant but it’s certainly low in vitamin D. Sunlight prevents your child from getting vitamin D deficiency.

Your tummy will bulge out even after pregnancy.

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Your body takes few months of time to come back to its normal shape. Just relax! Your infant bump will go away in 3 to 4 months.

You can have as much coffee as you desire.

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The nice thing is that breastfeeding does not transfer caffeine to your infant. You can take up to 3 to 5 cups of coffee daily.

Don’t get anxious on seeing the soiled/wet diaper of your child.

You should change a poopy diaper instantly. But wet nappy is not noxious for child’s skin. So, it is fine to change your infant’s diaper after a while. You should learn the proper way of tying an infant’s diaper.

Know step by step the technique to tie a baby’s diaper.


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