10 Healthy Habits You Might be Following Daily That Improve Life Quality

No matter what time it is, it is important to keep an eye on health and well being. Whatever activities you do, the key to staying fit and fine is to practice hard and focus on achieving goals.

4 years ago
10 Healthy Habits You Might be Following Daily That Improve Life Quality

No doubt, poor health, and low energy levels negatively impact everyone. So, it is important to focus on health and well being now and then. While most people think that developing healthy habits is difficult, they do not know that it requires a change in mindset to be healthy and nothing else. 

Bad health can leave you with dull and boring ideas. Work and social life could be strongly affected. According to research, the key to lifelong good health is what professionals call it a lifestyle medicine. A little change in exercise schedule and diet plan can help you to become healthy and fit. Health is something that everyone does not focus on until they suffer from some severe disease.

Do you find yourself tired and frustrated daily? We all get frustrated; sometimes, life can be disturbing even for astute individuals. Once you grow old, you realize that life could have been better if you would have taken care of yourself. You can find several people who don’t care about their health but still live a good life in their 80’s, but they are an exception. 

Today, when everyone is eating junk food and avoiding eating fruits and healthy snacks, the result is everybody is taking pills to maintain health. So, the purpose shouldn’t be living a long life, but how to live a quality life. It doesn’t matter; if you are in your 20s or 30s, what matters is to start now and live a healthy life in your 80s. 

Let us first understand what healthy habits are and how you could adapt them to your lifestyle.

What are Healthy Habits?

Healthy habits are the habits that help in improving your emotional, mental, and physical health. At first, you might think that small changes would not affect much, but when followed for a few months, they make a healthy life. 

Note that, not everyone's body has a similar adopting ability, your body might take time to adopt changes. Also, the unhealthy habit might be healthier for others and suit their lifestyle. Let us take a look at a few healthy habits that can help you improve mentally and physically.

1. Stretching

Several benefits are associated with stretching. It helps in increasing flexibility and is an important factor in fitness. 

Stretching is a popular exercise and offers several health benefits. When you stretch your body, it improves your blood circulation and prevents your muscles from getting tight. It increases the joint range motion of the body and improves your daily performance. 

Stretching improves body posture and also gives therapeutic release for emotional stress. Do you know stretching daily also helps in insomnia problem? It helps you sleep better as the muscles get relaxed and you sleep better.

2. Cooking

If you love cooking, then cooking for yourself is a great option. Several studies show that people who cook for themselves consume fewer calories, more nutrients, and end up eating less processed foods. How often do you go out for dinner? Probably twice a week. You eat junk and processed foods, without knowing about the ingredients added and everything. Eating a balanced diet is a healthy habit and not eating junk food to fill your stomach. You can also follow this diet plan based on science to improve your lifestyle. 

Cooking for yourself has several benefits. Firstly, home-made meals are cheaper than buying processed and junk foods from the market. Secondly, foods in the market are may be high in salt, sugar, and other ingredients which can be harmful to your health. When you prepare meals, you know which ingredients you should be added and in what quantity to avoid any disease. Also, you waste a lot of food when you eat in a restaurant. Read some shocking facts about food waste that would make you think to stop wasting it immediately.

3. Give Some Time to Yourself

Healthy habits don't always need to be related to eating habits. It could also be spending time with yourself for a better lifestyle. Try to be active in the present and spend the time while doing your hobby, and other daily activities are believed to have positive effects on mental health. 

Run in the park, join the gym, sing your favorite songs, or enjoy with your pet. Choose anything that helps you in releasing stress.

4. Sleep for 7-8 Hours

You would be surprised to know that people who sleep less than 7-8 hours die younger. But those who sleep more than this suffer from many problems. A good night's sleep is important as a healthy diet. Poor sleep may have negative effects on your hormones and brain functioning. Your daily routine can promote healthy sleep or cause insomnia.

How many hours do you sleep? If you sleep less than 7-8 hours, change your schedule right now. Do you know the sleeping posture also reveals a lot about your personality? Read about the ways of sleeping and what do they mean.

5. Don’t Smoke! If You Do, Quit ASAP

People know that smoking is harmful to health, but still, they smoke. While some try  their best to make people aware of its disastrous effects, others are chain smokers. 

If you smoke and have no plans of quitting it, check this post that shows the pictures of smoker and non-smoker and how they look. This might help you in quitting smoking. I agree that a chain smoker couldn’t give up on smoking instantly; it would take time. But trying these amazing combinations of vape juices that do not have nicotine can help in controlling smoking. 

It doesn’t matter how much tobacco you are consuming; even a small amount is dangerous for health. Smoking can cause several complications in your body. Nicotine reaches the brain in a few seconds and energizes you for a while, but it is bad for the long term. Do you smoke? If so, then stop immediately.

6. Drink More Water

Drinking more water also falls under healthy habits. Keeping hydrated is important for well being, but we do not consume enough liquid every day. So how about adding flavor to your pitcher? Add a flavor of fresh fruits like grapes or lemon, or herbs like basil and lavender into it. It will change the flavor, and you would enjoy tasting it. 

Some people do not drink even a liter of water every day, so for them, it becomes essential to drink water to prevent themselves from diseases. If you also drink less water, install apps that remind you of drinking water or eating water-rich foods.

 Your body needs everything, minerals, vitamins, and water to fight from illness and to maintain body temperature. Do you know that water also helps in losing weight? The next time when you plan to sip soda, instead drink water and contribute to losing weight. Here are more tricks that can help you lose weight overnight. 

While it is true that soda reduces constipation, but it also adds excessive sugar. Here are other false healthy lifestyle stereotypes that everyone follows unknowingly.

7. Include Fruits and Vegetables in Your Meal

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables should be consumed in a regular diet in a good amount, but very few of us follow it. The next time when you plan your diet, make sure that you include gratins, stews, fresh fruits, and raw vegetables, compotes, and more. Substitute mushrooms, onions, and cheese, and add more fruits to your plate. Ingredients like cheese and eggs will increase the fat. 

Consume veggies and fruits that are packed with nutrients and are low in calories. Put cucumber, lettuce, or vegetable that you like on your sandwich. You can also add frozen peas or other vegetables in rice for better taste.  

Start one meal with lots of fruits and vegetables to cut calories and extra fat. Plan your diet and write down the fruits and vegetables you will be taking in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Make sure that you include foods that are rich in nutrients and also offer other benefits to health.

8. Going to Doctor for a Regular Checkup

While some people put a reminder to visit a doctor for regular checkups, others visit them only when they fall sick. But regular check-ups can diagnose problems before they start. In this way, you get time for a better treatment to cure the disease. When you were a kid, your parents made sure that you visit a doctor for an annual checkup. But as you grow up, you forget this healthy habit. 

Health experts suggest that regular checkups are important to know about the risks and factors before they come serious. Depending on your family history, the checkup may include a hearing test, assessment of your weight, blood pressure, urine test, or an electrocardiogram. 

You can also start a campaign in your community to encourage people for an annual check-up and to make it as a regular healthy habit. You can take care of your health by knowing your family’s health history, seeing a doctor for checkups, and by asking them questions about the risks that you could have due to poor lifestyle.

9. Sit Less and Stand More

Sitting for too long can make a negative impact on your health. This can increase the risk of heart disease as cholesterol level drops. Moving your muscles help the body in digesting the extra fats and sugar. 

If you have a sitting job, try to reduce the sitting time by about an hour in total. Set the alarm to remind you to have a walk in the office. You can also stand up while having meetings or conference calls. 

The less sitting you do, the better chances you have of living a healthy life. Take staircases, or walk more blocks to have lunch than to go to the nearest restaurant.

10. Put Away Your Smartphone

Certainly, there are several benefits to have smartphones, but what about the drawbacks? Nearly 95% of the population in the US owns a smartphone. Turn your eyes around, and you will see everyone is busy on their phones. Whether you are in an office, restaurant, or having lunch with the family, everyone has become addicted to smartphones.

But being connected 24*7 can negatively affect your creativity, memory, and productivity. Disconnect yourself from smartphones for at least two hours and give your body a relaxing time. When you put down your phone, you become social, productive, and live in the moment. 

You might know, but these new technologies are ruining the natural selection in several ways. If you can’t stay away from your phone, at least make a habit of putting the unnecessary notifications off so that they can’t distract you.

Final Words

Is there anyone who doesn’t want to live longer? You may find people who are lazy and look for the easiest ways to live longer and stay fit If you are also the one, then follow these weirdest yet easiest ways in your daily routine to stay healthy.

Better health and happiness is something we all want. But make sure that you don’t work too hard on yourself to improve your habits immediately. It would take time. Remind yourself that you are trying to adopt healthy habits and don’t give up. 

Above were some common healthy habits that everyone should follow in their routine and suit people of all ages. But the earlier you start, the better your life would be when you grow up. 

Do you know other healthy habits that could improve the quality of life? If so, share them below.


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